Saint Adrian and Saint Natalia

It was not strange that Adrian or Adrianus shifted from persecuting Christians to admiring the Christian martyrs and was willing to die with them. But the role of his wife Natalia was the one that was really impressing . She was backing up him happily so that they both might enjoy the two crowns of martrydom . Adrianus and the martyrs: Maximjnos came to Nicomedia aiming to personally supervise himself the torture of the Christians. He was threatening excusion for each pagan if he did not tell him the names of those who had accepted the Christain faith. The multitude of the city lived in distress. Friends delivered their friends and relatives delivered their relatives to death. Adrianus, who was the harshest enemy of the Christians enjoyed watching their torture and sufferings. But their patience and joy in the middle of their sufferings deeply tore his interior . He started to ask the confessors during torture by the secret of their hope He was affected by them, and left the forum to write his name in the record of Christians who were to be presented for execution. And as news reached the king Maximjnos the partner of Adrianus he did not believe that. Therefore he summoned him to say: "Are you fixed nuts such as Christians, so that you want to die under the painful punishment?" Adrianus replied: "I am not mad but I was in ignorance and stupid when I worship idols, and now I uncovered the veil of ignorance and was granted the light of the Wisdom to worship the Master Jesus the True GOD." Maximjnos threw Adrianis in jail with the rest of Christian prisoners. His age at the time was about 28 years. Adrianus and Natalia: His wife Natalia Anatolia heard the news. She joyfully headed towards the prison joy and fell kneeling in front of him kissing the chains of his feet and saying “ You are really a happy man to win our Lord Jesus Christ, and has won aand through HIM you won all the good things ... Beware not to change your sacred intention less you loose every thing” "Turning to the rest of the confessors she asked them to support her man by their advices and prayers. Adrianus asked to return home, saying that would ask for her to come at the time of his departure. A few days later, Adrianus was aware that the time had come for his departure. He offered a lot of money to one of the soldiers so that he would guarantee him till he rushed to talk with his wife and would be due back soon. On the way he was spotted by a friend who immediately rushed to tell his wife. His wife was sad as she thought that he collapsed and denied his Christ. So she shut the door and refused to let him in and berated him. As he said: "Open the door my sister Natalia, I ran from the mrtyrdom not because of what you think, but I came to pick you to come with me . His speech confirmed the sincerity of his words so she opened the door to him and congratulated him on his hosting of glory. Then they two headed towards the prison. On the way Adrianis asked her: “ Sister, how did you spend our money?" Natalia answer: " I ask you not to let your mind think about material matters , in order to stop you from continuing your good intention. But concentrate all your thoughts in the eternal goodness that is prepared you in the heavenly kingdom". Adrianus was brought before Maximjnos more than once to be subjected to lashing while the wife kept encouraging him. The king ordered that the organs of all the Christian prisoners should be amputated. As Natalia feared lest her husband might collapse while watching the organs of the others being amputated; she begged the soldier to begin with her husband. She grabbed his feet to be amputated and then asked her man to offer his arms to be amputated. He did so then he passed away. Then the king ordered that all the bodies should be burned all the bodies so that the Christians would not honor them. An earthquake erupted. All the maltitude fled from its impact except Natalia and some virtuous faithful women who had taken the bodies and transferred them to Argyropolis near Bosphorus in Bizanta where they were buried. After few months Natalia was subjected to several troubles as one of the court men repeatedly asked her to marry him. Finally she moved to Argyropolis where she passed away and was buried in the graveyard of the martyrs. The Latins celebrate the memorial days for Adrianus and Natalia on the 8th of September as the day where their relics were transferred to Rome, on the 4th of March as the day of the martyrdom of Adrianus and on December 1st as the day for the pass away of Natalia. My the Blessing of their prayers Be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Saint Adrian and Saint Natalia
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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