Ackhelaus the Martyred 2

It was said that Ackhelaus (Achilleus) and his colleague Neryos (Nereus) were two soldiers, and some believed they were castrated servants to an honorable girl called Domitilla. The girl was engaged to a VIP man from the royal court called Aureljnos, but she realized the blessing of God working in her two servants. She was talking with them regarding her life style and her heart desires, especially as she had accepted the Christian faith and was baptized. This was probably due to being affected by these two servants. In any case her two servants talked with her about her style of life and how to devote her heart to God and the purity of chastity and of keeping her virginity. They revealed to her the dangers of accepting marriage to a pagan man who would withdraw her heart and her children to the pagan life and deprive them of the Angelic life She was affected by their sayings and decided to devote herself to chastity The two brethren were full of joy and told St. Aclemends bishop of Rome who encouraged all the three of them. He announced that he would get the crown of martyrdom with them. When their news reached Aurelianos he was furious . He arrested the two brethren and particularly lashed them brutally. They endured the torture with amazing patience that caused Aurelianos to be scared that their patience and endurance may attract the pagans to the Christian faith so he ordered that they should be executed. But he changed his mind and sent them exile at Tirasena island. When they were called to meet the island's magistrate Minocos, he asked them to present incense to the idols. They refused. He ordered that they should be suspended and burn their limbs with flaming lamps, . They accepted the pain with amazing joy that withdraw the hearts of many of the pagans. The magistrate was afraid but after some time he ordered that they should be beheaded. As for Domitilla she was exiled to an island called Ponza (Bontia), where she was handed over to two sisters named Avrosina and Theodora. Then they called them back to Tirasena island hoping to push her to marry Aureljnos claiming that by this she could earn him towards the Christian Faith. She continued to describe to the two sisters the Heavenly Wedding and the reward of uniting with the Everlasting Eternal Bridegroom till she directed their hearts towards the Christian Faith especially when they witnessed that her prayers to the LORD healed their dumb maid from her dumbness and she spoke with a prayer declaring her Belief in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. When Aureljnos heard that, he asked for the permission of the magistrate to burn the House with its all inhabitants inside and he got the permission and executed it. May the Blessings of their prayers Be with all of us AMEN. Reference: Butler, S. Lives of Saints, May 12

Arabic biography source of: Ackhelaus the Martyred 2
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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