Abamoun El –Tarnoute, the Martyr

Coptic church celebrate with another martyr who has the same name from Tarnout . He went to Upper Egypt to confess with Jesus in the front of Aryana , the mayor who tormented him by hitting him , comb his body and hitched his body with a tall nails, but Jesus Christ healed him . He has been send to Armanus , the Alexandria mayor and God send his Angel to console him . Because of our Martyr there were more martyrs got the martyrdom such as St.Thaufela the vergin who told the mayor off because he was idolatry so that he gave order to burn her . After God escaped her life , this mayor gave an order to cut her head with our martyr st.Blamoun May their prayers be with us .Amen Synaxarium , Abeb 27

Arabic biography source of: Abamoun El –Tarnoute, the Martyr
Translated by: Sally (Godservant)
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