Deacon Achilleus the Martyered

Deacon Achilleus and his colleague Fortunates accompanied father Felix during the preaching consignment to Valence. This mission was sent by St. Irenaeads bishop of Lyon in the third century. The three were martyred together during the reign of Caracalla around 212 A.D. It was reported that during their preaching mission they convinced many pagans, especially since the Lord Granted them the talent of performing signs and healing the sick. They were arrested and jailed. But an Angel appeared and released them from the jail. They proceeded to the pagan temples and destroyed the precious statues of the gods Jupiter , Saturn god of agriculture and Hermes god of trade and rhetoric. Therefore they were arrested , their feet were broken and subjected to various suffering day and night and finally they were beheaded. May the Blessings of their prayers Be with all of us AMEN. Reference: Butler's: Lives of Saints, April 23

Arabic biography source of: Deacon Achilleus the Martyered
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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