St. Ackhelas

Nothing is known about St. Ackhelas Akhila or Akila Akila except what was presented in the sayings of the Church Elders. It was said that three elders went to him. One of them had a bad reputation. The first asked him to make a net, but he did not respond to his request, The second asked him to present a deed denoting his love (Aghabi) and to make a net and put it in their monastery as a souvenir from him. He promised that as soon as he had time he would do that. When the third who had bad reputation asked him to make a net to be something of the work of his hands , he at once embarked in doing it. The two inquired in a private about the reason of his response to request of their colleague and not to theirs. He replied that this was because he was sure that they would not be offended and in fact he had no time for that , but that if I refused his request he would have said to himself: that this elder had heard about my sin. It is therefore he not respond to my request. He would have started to grief and lose his hope. That is why I did this in order or avoid that he would perish in grief and despair. So this father gave us a lesson in virtual love, service and non-wounded feelings of the sinners., so that by this love we can credit them to the Lord Jesus. This provided us Anba Ammoes provided us with a true story that revealed his love to struggle and fatigue; As he went with the father Betemos to the father Ackhelas and when they arrived they head him saying: "Oh Jacob do not be afraid to disembark from Egypt" (Ge: 46: 3), and he was mediating on that (perhaps mediating on the commitment to struggle as long as we had went to the world (Egypt) so that we can Grace we may rise to the eternal). As they knew that he came from Mount Ntrella from far away they started to ask him to tell them a beneficiary saying. He said: "Since yesterday I had finished twenty baskets, and believe me, I was not in need of all this, but I was afraid that the Lord says to me: Why not you do not work as long as you able to work? for that I work hardly till I am exhausted”. The two fathers left after they took benefit from his saying, recognizing the importance of struggling, even in manual work. St. Ackhelas, was distinguished by his extreme gentleness with the sinners so as not to lose their hope. He was always engaged in durable work and was keen to probe each brother in his time, so that each would be working seriously for his own salvation and at the same time supporting his brothers to strengthen their faith. For this, father Petmeos said that once when he was descending to Alasagit, someone gave him some fruit to distribute to the Elders. Knocking on the door of father Ackhelas to give him anything, he said to me: "Dear brother, I do not want you to knock on m door to give me any kind of food, and neglect knocking on the other brother dormitories. So I withdrew my dormitory and took the took fruit to the church. Perhaps by this act he had embarrassed his brother , but he was afraid to turn Alasagit to a place for human courtesies for food and drink eat and drink! The Elders were keen to keep the wilderness a place for serious ascetic life. The needy would find what their necessities beside the church {The annex (Aghabi) building }. We can never imagine the extent to which the asceticism of those monks. Father Ackhelas went once to father Isaiah, he found that he had been forced to power some water on salt water to eat this with dry bread as the weather was hot and he was feeling thirst after returning from cutting some branches of trees. He said: "Isaiah is drinking" Soup "in (Alasagit), if you want" Soup "Go to Egypt." May the Blessing of his prayers be with all of us AMEN. Reference: Bendicta ward: Sayings of the Desert Fathers, p 24, 25.

Arabic biography source of: St. Ackhelas
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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