Ajins The Martyred

St Ajins was one of the most famous martyrs of Rome. St Augustine and St Ambrosios wrote to us that she offered her life as a pure virgin love sacrifice to the LORD while she was twelve years old. In Western countries they symbolize her icon by a lamb especially because the name "Ajins" means "a lamb ". She grew up in Rome and was characterized by her able beauty and richness. The youth of the high society competed for getting her as a wife. sons supervision, Brkbios son of the Governor of the city of Rome asked her hand presenting to her a very precious gift. St Ajins told him that she was engaged to her Divine Bridegroom. As he thought she loved another man he fell sick. This concerned his father and when he knew the secret of his illness, he called the girl and tried to treat her gently. When she rejected his gentle treaty He tortured and chained her. Then he drew her to the temple of the Idols and tried to force her to worship the idols, but she insisted on refusing that. St. Ambrosios wrote that they tried to engage violence to force her to present incense to the idols. But she consecrated herself with the sign of the Cross in public. As all what they tried failed, the ruler ordered that she must be put in a house of the wicked women so that she might sin with the sinful youth of Rome. means of Fondling and torture is extrapolated to a brothel Down with youth Almagen Rome, but she said that she trusted that the Lord Jesus Christ Is Jealous on the purity of His chosen ones and Will not Allowed to subject them to this impure situation, and that HE Is their Lawyer and Defender. She told the Governor "You could tarnish my body with your sword but you could not make my body impure as it is a sacred temple of Christ. that it is a sacred temple of Christ. Some young people came to rape her but GOD Gave her solemnity in their eyes. One of them dared rudely to rape her . He fell to the floor shaking, became blind could not see anything . His friends begged St Ajins to pray for him. He was healed by her prayers to the LORD and his eyes opened. Everyone glorified the LORD. As the ruler felt that he failed, hr ordered that she should be beheaded. St. Ambrosios also said that she started to the place of the martyrdom filled with joy more than many others feel when going to their Wedding. The sword man tried to be gentle with her but she did not yield to him, said a short prayer and provided her neck happily accepting the death blow. Tears flew as the viewers saw a very beautiful girl presented her life without fear of the sword man while his hands trembled. Everyone was crying and she was the only one who was cheerful. Her body was buried near the Nomntan highway close to Rome. A church was built there on her name during the year following her martyrdom. St. Ambrosios wrote to the virgins describing the martyrdom of St Ajins that girls at her age did not merely tolerate an angry parent, and cried if picked by a surgeon's needle. She did not tremble from the weight of the iron chains, but presented her entire body to the sword of the revolutionary soldier, as if she is ready to die though she did not know what is it to die. Moreover she was led to massacres' pagan forcibly, and stretched her hands as a fire offering to Christ. That was a new type of martyrdom! Her age is not tolerating to the penalty. But she was mature in getting a victory crown of the overcoming. Difficultly struggling and easily crowned. She exercised the function of educating courage at her young age . This was not about being a bride that rushed to her wedding sleeping room but it was about a virgin who went happily towards the penalty in a rapid pace,. She did not decorate her head with ribbons but with Christ. Everybody was crying, and she remained the only one who did not shed a single tear! She had a paramount nature. She had the Creator Himself. The persecutor could be seen like someone who was under the provision, doing backbone, and face painted like someone who was afraid of the dangers that were touching the others. But the girl did not abate what was going to happen to her. We find double quotes in one ransom. She remained a virgin and won the crown of martyrdom. Her icon is characterized in the West by an image of a lamb drawn near her as a reference to her purity, and sometimes there is a paint the flames of the fire under her feet as a reference to the acceptance the love of martyrdom as a living love sacrifice to the Lord. She is also painted having long hair and a as long poem, paint a long robe that covers her body till her feet in commemoration of the work of God in the evil house Who Preserved her virginity and Kept keeping her body from being polluted. May the Blessings of her prayers be with all of us AMEN. Reference: Butler` s Lives of the Saints, Jan 21. St. Ambrose: Conc. Virgins 1:2

Arabic biography source of: Ajins The Martyred
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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