Athinagoras philosopher

He was the dean of School of Alexandria Christian, who lived during the second century AD. We do not know much about his life, but he was a philosopher who headed an academic chair at the Museum in Alexandria. This was the largest school in the Middle scientific philosophical at the time .It competed the School of Athens. He was considered a prominent figure of the pagan religion. He liked to search in the Christian philosophers like other philosophers with a greedy goal to detect any mistakes and trying to demonstrate its corruption. He wanted to forcedly condemn with his criticizing arrows and bent on studying the Bible. but the Holy Spirit held him forcefully and instead of publishing volumes against the Christian faith, he was attracted to the Christian faith around 176. He accepted the baptism and bonded to the Christians. By doing this he realized the Highness of the Evangelical life. He wrote his defense of Christianity and the Christians. The personality of Athinagoras Athenagoras had particular importance as he was the first philosopher who as a result of his hard studies and stiff diligence gained the position of the Dean of the Theological School of Alexandria, without abandoning his philosophical character. (Without taking off the Philosopher Pallium). He was the first known Christian faith who bear a petty to the philosophy. His writings : Athinagoras put the label two important labels: 1- The intercession (Abresphia) for Christians. 2-The resurrection of the dead. You can Find reason in his Christian philosophical writings that was strengthened by his Greek culture with a wonderful queen in writing. Donaldson said about that " He quoted Greek poetry, but he was clear and objective in mind, he never reviewed his potential, nor he did distract the mind of the reader." Reference: Father Tadrus Malati: Ancient parents of the school of Alexandria, 1980, p. 33.. etc.. May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us AMEN

Arabic biography source of: Athinagoras philosopher
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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