Athnasius The Saint

A young man called Andronieks was found in Antioch of Alexandrian origin characterized By fear of God and great love for the poor. He married a virtuous girl protects echoed his righteousness and his virtues. They divided their property into three Sections three sections: Section I: they donated to the poor, and the second third they used it to lend who needed without any interest, and the last third the man used his professionas a silver jewels' maker ****. God Granted them two children John and Mary, and lived in the church as everyone happy, each catering to the poor or Achy find comfort physically, psychologically and spiritually. Suddenly children, died in one day following severe fever at the age of 12 years for John and 10 yera for Mary The man praised the LORD day and night repeating the speech of St Ayub: "The Lord, the Lord took, not the name of the Lord blessed." The mother never did find console, and almost lost senses of the severity of grief. She did nothing except to go to the tomb of her only two children at the graveyard near the church Ulianos, crying without interruption. One day she stayed there till late night, and while she was crying she saw a man who looked like the bishop of a monastery asking her why she was crying. She was scared from him but after she regained her self control, she told him that she had been buried her only two children that were a part of her in this land. He told her that her sons children were living with Jesus Christ. His words were acomfort and console to her, even she thought to thank him, he disappeared. She learned that this wa considered a vision. For the first time She returned to her husband with a delighted heart and smiling face . She told him how she was feeling and that she rested within herself. They both thanked God for that. The couple distributed their property to churches and the poor, and went together to Palestine to visit the holy places.they took decisions that each of them would go to a monaster that suited each. Indeed, after their visit Jerusalem, they traveled to Alexandria and got blessings of visiting the Church of St Mina in Alexandria, and from there Andronicos headed to the wilderness of Chihit where he met anba Daniel the Hegomen of Chihit. He recounted his story with his wife, asking that he would go to deposit her in one of the women monasteries and women and would come back to him. Indeed Andronicos became aq disciple and was instructed at the hands of Daniel Christian for 12 years. Then he then asked him for a permission to visit the holy places. Hegomen Daniel allowed him to go. While on road, taking shade under a tree, he met a monk who was also wishing to go to Jerusalem. They chated together a little, and were jointly praying and praising God. Then returned to Alexandria together. They were bound together by spiritual love and harmony through prayer and worship. They joined the monasry of "Aoctouka Idikathon" (Literally the tenth monastery . St. Daniel the Hegomen of Chihit visited them from time to time, and he rejoiced their spiritual growing, as they encouraged each other with the silence sharing the same room. The other monk "Athnasius" fell sick and the illness intensified. So Andronicos rushed to call Anba Daniel who came to find Athnasius crying. He thought that he was afraid of death. When Athnasius heard that he said "I am crying father because I'll leave Andronicos alone in this life." And then secretly told him: "Father, when I die , please find a book under the pillow, take it and push to Andronicos". St Daniel promised so. Athnasius prayed and deposited his life in the hands of God. While they were buried monk Andronicos took the book and recognizedthat the monk is Atnasia his wife who stayed with him struggling in monastic life and backed up and hold her sentiments till the last breath. The news quickly and widely spread between monks in the east and west countries. Andronicos did not tolerate living alone for long, but he insisted to remain in the same room but only for a short period of time and then he passed away to join his wife. Greek and Latin Curches celebrate their memorial day on October 9 of each year. May the Blessings of their prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Athnasius The Saint
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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