The 76Th Pope Athnasius the 3rd

After the passing away of the 75Th Pope Kyrollos the 3rd; the Papal (Archbishop) position was vacant for seven and half years. No one of the senior or common members of the congregation thought about the ordination of a new Pope, as they had to pay to the government a considerable fee that reached 3000 dinars. When Ez El Deen Abeek married the queen (Shagaaret El Dor) and he sat on the kingdom throne, he offered 500 dinars as a gift to the Copts. The above mentioned 3000 dinar fee was practically canceled and no one mentioned it thereafter. The Altar chance resulted in choosing the monk father Paul the Antonio famous by the name Ebn Kelil El Masri. The monk father Gabriel; a relative of Bishop Peter of Tanbidi; was supported by the sons of El Asaal; was hoping to get this ordination. The congregation rejected him. Bishop Yosaab played an important role in supporting the ordination of the monk father Paul. Finally all agreed on his ordination. His Ordination celebration was celebrated at Sooter (The SAVIOR) Church. The first Egyptian Coptic minister Sharaaf El Din Abi Said Hebat Allah Ben Saaed El Naizi attended the celebration. Before leaving Alexandria the new Pope (Patriarch) consecrated many alters and ordinate numerous priests. Then he traveled to the monasteries of El Natroon valley as it is the tradition of all the newly ordinate Popes. (Patriarchs). He cared about the Spiritual lives of the priests and canceled the Sinonism (that is to say buying of priesthood by money). He faced very tough trials as numerous members of the Coptic congregation were killed in Damascus after the battle of Ein Galoot and the defeat of the Mongols in 1259 AD. He passed away in November 1261 (1St Khiak 978 Coptic Calendar). Reference: Deacon Kamel Saleh Nakhla: Serial volumes of the history of the Popes. 1952; Volume2: PP: 6-15. May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: The 76Th Pope Athnasius the 3rd
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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