Abamoun the martyr

Abamoun or Bamoun , he was from Basta , the Ashmoune borders .He craved to give his life as a lovely sacrifice to God . So he searched for Aryana , the mayor to confess with Jesus Christ in the front of him , he heard that the mayor went around Kaskad , Ashmoun and Asiut .while he was searching for him he met guy named Serna , who was carrying the same things . They talked together about the majesty of God till they arrived to Mysara village , where they found saint Akladuse , the leader with 6 solders so they guessed that he was the mayor but they knew after that that he came from Antakya to be a martyr . They walked together to Asiut happiness and magnifying God . where they found Aryana , the mayor in Asiut Abamoun And Serna found the mayor stand to kiss the leader Akladus hands but Akladus didnít care about it but he confessed with Jesus Christ . The mayor put them on jail.In the morning they attend again in the front of Aryana who started to talk with Abamoun to persuade him to idolatry but he refused , so he gave order to torture the saint with squeezing wheel (Hinbazeen) and lay him over iron bed and turn on fire under him Ö.. Jesus was standing next to the saint . God used these torments to let 142 men and 28 women to be martyrs like saint Takla as we will see in saint Akladuse story, so that the mayor left Asiut and took all the Jesus Christ believers with him In the end both of Saint abamoun and saint Serna be a martyrs on Baouna 9th May their prayers be with us.Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Abamoun the martyr
Translated by: Sally (Godservant)
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