Atherya Father

Father Beestos wrote to us that he went accompanied by six Hermits to visit father Sheeshoy, at Clymsa district, asking to hear some of his spiritually useful sayings. He told them that he did not deserve that honor and he is just an ordinary member of the brethren. He would be satisfied to tell them what he had seen by his own eyes when he visited fathers Hoor and Atherya: Father Sheeshoy stayed for few days in the company of these two Hermits (fathers Hoor and Atherya) who lived together. His humble personality and the second characterized by his obedience. Father Hoor was sick for about eighteen years. Once a tiny fish was brought to him. Father Atherya started to prepare it for him. As soon as he began to cut it, by the knife, father Hoor called him. On the spot he left the fish without grumbling or saying, " Wait a moment till I slice the fish". Father Sheeshoy wondered from where did father Atherya get such obedience. The latter explained to him that he learned it from father Hoor. Then he told him to be patient and he would see by himself. Father Atherya cooked a slice of the fish and overheated it till it was spoiled. He presented it to father Hoor, who ate it without protesting. When father Atherya asked " Was it good? "Yes, it was delicious" the Senior (Elder) replied. Then father Atherya cooked the remainder of the fish taking care not to spoil it. On presenting it to father Hoor, he ate it. Then he said, You spoiled it". The other Elder replied" Yes I spoiled it slightly". That was what father Atherya told father Sheeshoy "Now you can see by yourself that my obedience originated from the obedience of father Hoor? May the Blessings of the prayers of these Saints be with all of us AMEN?

Arabic biography source of: Atherya Father
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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