Abeemachoos Elfermi Martyer

His origin: This Saint was born in Ferma (Blsaam) North of Egypt. He worked as a tailor with his two companions Tadros and Kellitelis. He was distinguished by his calm and gentle behavior. He loved to meditate. Frequently he went to the wildness feeling eager to the monastic life. He was awarded the crown of martyrdom instead of gaining the monastic life. His going to Alexandria: He heard that a new ruler, who was called Apellien( or Bollambees) , came to Alexandria aiming to persecute the Christians. It came to the knowledge of the Saint that the jails of Alexandria were fully occupied with the Christian prisoners. The ruler saved no effort to torture the believers, especially towards a virgin called Atroobi. That was why he decided to go to Alexandria to blame the ruler for his inhuman behavior. He was Guided by a Divine instinct. In Alexandria he went directly to the courtís plaza. The multitude was astonished by how he looked, as they saw a youth from the countryside that looked exhausted due to the long journey. The ruler did not pay any attention to him. He even mocked him, but soon the ruler was furious due to what he noticed of the courage of the Saint and his capability to convince the others with his ideas. As the Saint spoke about the Faith and the believers, he drew the attention of the multitude towards him. He ordered his men to beat him, arrest him and threw him in the jail. He accused him that he insulted the ruler that was doing his job. In the jail: Saint Abeemachoos met in jail his fellowís Christian prisoners. He encouraged and consolidates them, reminding them with the reward of the eternal happiness. {" To him who overcomes I Will Give the right to sit with ME on MY throne"(Rev: 3:21)}. As the ruler felt the effect of the Saint's efforts when he met the prisoners, he intended to torture the Saint as far as he can. Facing the ruler: The ruler called him and went into a discussion him. The Saint asked him to abandon the worshipping of the idols and to accept the Salvation of the LORD. The ruler was mocking the Cross and considered that it is foolishness to believe in the Cross. {"For the message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are Being Saved Is the Power of GOD" (1Co: 1:18)}. The ruler ordered that the Saint should be hanged without clothes till his flesh is torn and spread on the earth. The Saint prayed "Blessed Is my spirit as you are hanged like Your MASTER". He also loudly repeated " Be brave Abeemachoos, what are these minor tortures compared to what the LORD JESUS Suffered. By enduring these sufferings you will enter the Heavenly Kingdom ". The ruler ordered that he should be squeezed by the Hizabben ( a torturing machine). His blood that flooded out and a drop fell on the eye of a blind girl. On the spot she was healed and managed to see. Her family believed in the LORD JESUS and presented themselves for the martyrdom. This made the ruler to become so furious and ordered that the Saint should be beheaded. Facing the terminator: The Saint happily faced the terminator as he was looking forward to his expected meeting with the LORD JESUS , while the terminator was so trembling and had not the nerve to behead the Saint and asked his fellow to replace him in finishing this. He repeated his request till the fourteenth one. One of the soldiers carried the Saintís dead body to throw away. On the spot this soldier who was deaf was healed and started to hear. Some of the brethren came from Edfo and carried the Saintís body. A Church was built in Baramoon where his body was laid. The Latin believe that his body was carried to Rome. May the Blessing of the prayers of the Saint be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Abeemachoos Elfermi Martyer
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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