Aporoo and Athoom The Martyrs

Their roots: Aporoo and Athoom were the sons of two righteous rich parents named: John and Mary. They were born in a town called (Tasempoti); now called (Senbaat) , County of (Aboo Seer), Province of (Zeftee). They successfully practiced carpenter's business. After their parents passed away, they went for tradsing to a town called (Feerma) North Eastof Egypt. The eldest was thirty while the younger was twenty eight years old. The two brothers met the soldiers of Bembios, the ruler of Feerma, carrying the body of Onoua the priest of kois to throw it into the sea. They asked the soldies if they accept to give them the body in exchange of two gold coins. The soldiers hesitated as they feared that the ruler would hear that and order their excusion. Finally they accepted. The two saints put the body of the Martyr in a shroud and carried it to their town (Senbaat), where they burried the body in their home. The LORD WAS GLORIFIED by the prayers and body of this Martyr. Several Miraculous deeds and miracles were occuring. Therir home became aa active Spiritual center. The crowd came to get the Blessings of the Martyr. At the same time the crowd felt the living image of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in the two brothers. They were righteous , generous in their unlimited donations. Their agreement to present themselves to Martyrdom: After eight months the two brothers agreed to grant all their money and belongings to the poor and go to Alexandria to publically confess and declare their Christian Faith. As it was late when they were presented to the ruler, he ordered that they should be jailed till he present them to trial in the morning. During the night they prayed with the other Christian prisoners that the LORD Support their Faith. A Heavely Voice Promising Proving Support and Help to them was heard. The ruler called them, pretended to treat them gently and promising that he would appoint them in the royla court if they denied their Christian Faith. As they did not respond to his words, he orded that they should be chastized. The LORD Supported them. Then they were put in an iron cupboard that had iron blades which torn their bodies.Athoom beseeched to the LORD crying for HIS HELP. The LORD Sent the Archangel Gabriel to support and heal them.The ruler was furious and ordered to lay them on an iron bed and ignite fire under the bed. The LORD Sent rain to put down the fire and Saved them. Many of the Gentiles, who came to watch the torturing,believed in the LORD after seeing the Suppot of the LORD to the two brothers. The two Saints were returned to the jail where the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF Appeared to them and enouraged the two brothers. Their casting a demon: As they were in chains directed to the prison, they saw a young who whose demon-pssessed. With loving care they prayed for him, surprising the crowd by casting the demon with their prayers. W#hen the news was heard by the ruler Armanios, he accuses them of practicing magic & ordered to hang them upside down from their feet on a tree and left them for two days. They bleeded from their noses and mouths.The ruler came and moked them saying: O Aporoo, O Athoom are you still living or you died. As he just finished his saying, the LORD Sent Archangel Michael who liberated them. All the crowds were agitated and shouted. The ruler being afraid of a mutiny, orded they should return to the jail. Their transfer to Feerma: As, Bombios, the ruler of Feerma came to visit Alexandria, the ruler of Alexandria told him about these two brothers tha are believed to be magicians. The ruler of Feerma asked that they should be transferred the jail in Feerrma till he rerturned there.A righteous man, Eutropuis, gave a bribe to the jail guards to permit the two Saints to his home. He welcomed them there for a time. They prayed for his blind daughter and she was healed. Many sick gathered there and they were all healed in the NAME of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.The Archangel Michael appeared to them, consolodating and encouraging them to continue their struggle for the Sake of the NAME of the LORD. When Bombios returned from Alexandria , he asked for them and started torturing them. The LORD Healed them after each torturing session. Three officers called : Banigeer,Kamani and El Habashi and forty accompanying soldiers believed in the LORD when they saw their miraculous healing. They presented themselves to martyrdom in the NAME of the LORD. The ruler get more furious and ordered that their nails should be extracted , hit their mouths with iron blocks to break their teeth. Every time the LORD Sent Archangel Machael who pubilcally appeared spreading his wings and healed them. The ruler feeling that he was defeated, ordered them to be put in jail again. Their prayers for the rising of Morfiani: The wife of the ruler, Morfiani was in complicated delivery state & finally she died. The news went to the ruler who had sour feelings and the maltitude gathered to consolodate him.Some of the crowd whispering told him to call the two Christian brothers to pray on her behalf. The ruler said " If I called them they will not listen to me , surely they were angry due to the several tortures they suffered". But som of the VIP went to the jail to find them calmly praying. As they asked them , they accepted to accompany them. All went to the rulers mansion, where they Prayed to the LORD the LIFE Bestower. The LORD Rose her. The ruler freed them. They returned to their town of origin (Senbaat). The multitude of Senbaat gathered asking for the prayers of these two Saints on their behalf. The LORD Was Glorified in them. Finally they handled what remained from their assets to a righteous man called Sarabamoun to donate the assets to the poor of the brethern and asked him to trake care of their house as it contains the holy relics of Abo Anwa the martyr. The two headed to Besariom , near Feerma, where they met the ruler Boblian. He was representing a Martyr (Aba Heesi) to trial. As they confessed their Christian Faith in front of him, he orderded that they should be beheaded. The two Martyrs were led to the east of the town. At the Martyrdom site , they were permitted to pray.The LORD Appeared to them sitting on a heavenly lightened vehicle Having Archangel Michael on HIS Right & Archangel Gabriel on HIS Left. Thousand of Angels surrounded HIM Glorifying and Praising HIM. They were felt with joy. They looked to the soldiers and asked them to complete the task they were ordedred to do. A soldier took his sword and beheaded them. This was on the 8th of the month Abeeb. May the Blessings of their prayers be with all of us AMEN. Reference: R.P.Paul Hyvernat : Les Actes des martyrs de L`Egypt .

Arabic biography source of: Aporoo and Athoom The Martyrs
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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