Apiphanios The Bishop Of Salamees Saint

His growing up: The Saint was born in 315 A.D in the village of Besanduk, near the city of Eleutheropolis. His parents were religious Jews. When they passed away they left him and his siste who brought him up in a viruous atmosphere. Once while walking he saw a poor man asking a donation from a monk. As this monk did not carry money, he took his dress off & gave it to the poor man.The Saint was astonished when he saw as if a white outercoat came down and dressed the monk, instaed of his dress that he donated. He rushed asking the monk about his belief and his life. He met the monk several times, accepted the Christian Faith, was baptized and felt eagerness to the life of the monks. Joining the Monstary life: The Bishop sent him to the monastery of St Lukianos and he became a disciple of Saint Elarion( Helarion). His tutor (St Helarion) prophesied that he (St Apiphanios) will be ordinated as a bishop. His Monastery lifew in Egypt: In order to study correctly the Holy Bible, he learned the Hebrew, Coptic, Syrian, Greek and Latin languages. St Geroom named him " The five tongue man". As he loved the meditation and ascetic's life. He left Palestine around 335 A.D. and met some monks and ascetics before he confined himself to a monastry in Alexandria. Some of the Ganosians felt his high talents, capabilities and love for the LORD. They wanted to gain him. They sent to him some female sinners trying to make him fall in sin. The GRACE of the LORD Protected him from falling in their net. From this we can understand why he dedicated all his powers to fight any blasphemy wherever it was. His ordination as a priest: He met St Antoni and was his disciple for sometime. He returned from Palestine to Egypt and instituted a monastery in Eleutheropolis guided by St Antoni for about thirty years. He was very strict to himself. If one of his disciples asked him about how he could tolerate this strict ascetic life that might be more than he can endure, he replied " The Heavenly Kingdom are not granted unless we struggle. All what we endure of suffering is incomparable with the crown we struggle for the hope of getting". In addition to his strict hard ascetic life and his continuous prayers, he dedicated a part of his time to study the books of Origanios. Noticing his wrong views, he turned against him, accusing him that he was the cause of every blasphemy in the Church. He had an effective role on influencing many to turn against Origanios. Even he changed the opinion of St Gerroom from a supporter to Origanios as being a gift from GOD to the Church to a strong opponent calling him a devil that is against the truth. The City Bishop recognized his spiritual activity not only between the monks, but between the congregation as well, who gathered around him asking for his blessings and guidance.He ordinated him as a priest so that his spiritual activity may spread to the Church congregation all over the City. As we said before he met Saint Elarion( Helarion) who lived ascetic life in Mayoma, Palestine and they had strong friendship relation till Saint Elarion left to Cyprus due to the crowding of the maltitude around him. His ordination as a Bishop: When Saint Elarion, fled to Cyprus from the gathering of the maltitude, the Bishops and priests came to him to get his blessings. It appeared that he talked to them about St Apiphanios , his virtues, his ascetic life and his feverish jelousy towards the orthodox faith. When Bishop of Selamees the most important Patriarch in Cyprus at that time ,passed away, St Apiphanios was elected as a Bishop and was ordinated against his free will in 367 A.D.He stayed caring for honest service towards his country of origin, that he visited from time to time asking about the spiritual lives of the congregation. His strong love towards the poor: St Apiphanios was famous of being very strict and having feverish jelousy towards the orthodox faith in addition to his strong love towards the poor. He often did not leave any assets in the Patriarch. The LORD Kept on Supplying him with a lot of money to distribute. St Olmibiab the widow donated him a land and money for this purpose. As we see his Christian Faith was the cause of his love towards the poor. Once one of his disciples asked him to stop donating such great amounts of money as they had nothing left. Merely the disciple finished speaking, when a strange man came, handled a bag of gold to the Bishop and diappeared on the spot. It was written in his biography that a man came asking for money to burry his friend. He gave him the what he asked and told him to take care about burrying his poor friend. Do not cry on him. Crying will not return him back. Only be patient on what happened. The greedy man took the money and went to his friend to wake him up. He found that he was really dead. He was very active and as we said before had feverish jelousy towards the orthodox faith wherever he was. He travelled to Antakia in 367 A.D. trying to gain back Bishop Feetalis who followed the wrong teaching of Apolinarios. Six years later he accompanied the Bishopof Antakia, Polinos, to a council that Damadios held. They stayed at the home of Paula, the friend of St Geerom. Three years later when she was on her way to Palestine to join her spiritual father St Geerom , she stayed at St Apiphanios residency. On 392 A.D. he stayed at the residency of St John, the Bishop of Jerusalem. There while preaching in the Church of the Holy Tomb, he attacked his host accusing him of being sympathetic with the followers of Origanios. St Geerom, whom he diverted from supporting to attacking Origanios, joined him at Betlahem, both strongly attacking Bishop John. But it appeared that he finally got in good terms with Bishop John. He attacked as well St John , the golden mouth, in Costantinopolos, because he welcomed the tall brethren who came from Egyot as they were followers of Origanios, that they fled from the presecution of the Alexandrian Pope Thawephilos due to their being stuck to Origanios . St Apiphanios death: St Apiphanios passed away during his way back from Costantinopolos to Cyprus. on about 403 A.D. He had worldwide reputation due to his publications. The Church celebrates the day of his passing away on 17 Bashans and the move of his body on 27 Bashans. His writings, thoughts and publications: St Apiphanios was against the idea of the symbolic examination of the Holy Bible.He considered that symbolic expalnations are the origin of every blasphemy. He fought againt symbolism with all his strength dircting his fight to Origanios.( GOD WILL symbolism will be discussed when we write the biography of Origanios). He was also against the icons' art. He wrote three articles attacking this art. A- His most important publications( Books) are: 1- Ancoratus : Discussing the Church rules and was attacking against the followers of Arios; the Truth of the Divine Incarnation: Attacking Apolinarios who denied the presence of the human spirit of our LORD JESUS CHRIST; the resurrection the GOD of the old Testament; fighting against the followers of Mani and Marakion who denied the old Testament. He encouraged that every one dshould labor to his maximum capabality to convince the Gentiles to accept the Christian faith though the work of the LORD with them. 2- Panarion (Adv Hear); Against the blasphemies. This is one of his most valuable books. When the two Archmides Akakios and Paul his first book , they asked him to give them a detailed analysis of the eighty blasphemies he mentioned and his reply to these blasphemies. He includes twenty A.C. blasphemies as the Helenic philosophical schools. 3- The weights and measures by a Pharisian priest: He discussed the laws of the old Testament. its translations, the weights and measures used. He also wrote about the geography of Palestine.It was like a prelimenary dictionary of the HOLY BIBLE. 4- The twelve precious stones that were on the dress of the Jewish Archipriest in the old Testament. He wrote this book during the year 394 A.D. as requested by Deoor the Toorisian. He described the effect of these stones & that they were symoblicto the twelve tribes of Israel. B-His letters: two : one to Bishop John of Jerusalem & the second to ST Geerom, both were against the Origanism. C-His sayings: St Apiphanios wrote to us that once some were flying around the temple of Serapees in the presence of the blessed Athnasius.The were shouting continuously 9Craak, Craak) (Cow). Some of the Gentiles were atanding in front of the blessed Athnasius. They said to him " Tell us you evil old man , what do these crews say?". He replied "They say"Cow", which is a latin word that means : Tomorrow". "Tomorrow you will see the GLORY of the LORD". Next day the news spread that the Empror Youlian had died. {The Canaan woman cries , so she was Heard (Mt:15:22-28). The woman with a flow of blood did not speak and was blessed (Lk:9: 44-48). While the Pharisees spoke and he was condemned ( Mt:9:34) and the tax collector who did not open his mouth was Heard (Lk:18:13-14). Reading the Holy Bible is a protector( real secure) against sin. Not knowing and ignoring the holy books is a deep well and huge one. The LORD Sell the rightneess with a very cheap price; A small piece of bread, a humble cloth, even with a lowest value coin (Pheels at that time). May the Blessings of the prayers of St Apiphanios be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Apiphanios The Bishop Of Salamees Saint
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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