Apeema the Martyr

His growing up: May be the name was derived from the Greek word " Apamakos" which means the Victorian. Apeema was a peasant who lived in the village of Benkaloos affiliated to Bahnaasa in the middle of Upper Egypt, about 125 miles from Misr (Cairo). During the Roman era it was named: Oxyrhynchus. St Geroom wrote telling us that about Ten Thousand monk were living inside and around it. The sound of their praises was heard at any time. Apeema grew surrounded by a virtual atmosphere. He was saturated by the virtual behavior from his parents Elijah and Sophia. He grew up in the love of reading the Holy Bible, continuous praying and giving donations to the poor. When his neighbours recognized his virtues, they considered him as their spiritual father or leader, to whom they went whenever they needed his guidance and advice. His eagerness to become a Martyr: As Diclanadios had ordered that all the Christians should be tortured and excuted if they refused to present incense to the idols, the country was full with public courts that saved no pressure on the believers. GOD persuaded some of HIS Beloved Chosen ones to present themselves for Martyrdom to be an example for the condolescence of the other believers. Between those Chosen was Apeema, who saw while sleeping a Luminous figuure that lovely looked at him as he did the same Saying " Do you love mE?...Why are you sleeping while your fight is ready and the Crowns are ready?."As he acknowledged that this WAs the LORD JESUS CHRIST, he got out of bed early being filled with strong spiritual energy. After a deep praye, he went to say farewell to his friends pretending that he had some business to settle. He had a previous agreement with his wife to live without any sexual contacts for seven years. Facing Lukius the ruler of Bahnaasa: He rushed to face the ruler where he found fellow Christians facing trials. Of these were: Abahoor from Abtouha County of Bani Mazaar, father Maximos from Shanaaro County of El Feeshn, Deacon Tehnaash from Bahnaasa and Deacon Beegoosh from Tarfaa, County of Samaaloot. One of the men of the ruler located him and told his superior that Apeema the Christian Elder of Benkaloos was outside. The ruler ordered that he should be brought to face him. The ruler asked him if he had brought the Staff of the Church's Altar. He replied that the congregation were poor and this Staff was made from glass. There was no father dedicated for this Church, and every week they ask fathers of the near Churches to come and serve the Holy Liturgy. Then he asked him to present incense to the idols. The Saint argued him and declared his belief in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. As he insisted on stcking to the Christian faith , he was subjected to being stripped. Then they forced him to sit on an iron chair & ignited fire beneath it and they put a preheated casette on his head. He endured all these tortures bravely. Then he was sent to Alexandria. Facing Armanios the ruler of Alexandria: Ruler Lukius sent him to Armanios the ruler of Alexandria accompanied by a letter in which it was written that Apeema did not obey the Emperor orders and that he was a magician. On his way, the saw Apparition of the LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO Told him not to worry. The LORD Told him as well that he will be witness for many and due to him they will believe in the LORD. Apeema was sent to jail while Armanios was celebrating his birthday. In the jail he cated an evil spirit from another prisoner. The jail's guard was touched and asked him to pray for his daughter who was passing a difficult labor . She delivered safely a boy and called him Apeema. Next day he was called to face the ruler who went in discussion with him. As he saw his stickness to the Christian Faith , he ordered that he should be tied to the torturing machine. The machine burst and he was freed. The ruler ordered a fire to be prepared for him. Heavy rain fell and put off the fire. They sent him back to the jail where he was visited by St Youlius the Akfahasi, the writer of the biography of the Martyrs. Meeting St Youlius the Akfahasi: St Youlius the Akfahasi wrote to us what he witnessed by his own eyes: When the Saint was on his way in chains and guarded by the soldiers, a blind man met him. The Saint stopped, put his hands on the eyes of the blind and he prayed to the LORD JESUS CHRIST asking for the healing of the blind. The eyes of the blind opened. St Youlius could not control himself, he ran and kneeled in front of the Saint asking him to pray on his behalf and on the behalf of his sister Euchristia who was suffering from an eveil spirit for 14 years. Truely the sister was healed and came to meet the Saint in jail. The LORD Is Glorified. Armanius called him and he tortured him badly. As he denied and moked the LORD JESUS CHRIST , a cloud covered his eyes and he could not see. His tongue was stuck to his mouth. St Youlius interferred and asked for the prayers of St Apeema who prayed to the LORD and the LORD Healed the ruler. The ruler ordeed that Apeema should not stay in his presence. As they took him away, he met during his way some people crying as their brother Youssab fell from a high risebuilding and died. The Saint prayed to the LORD and he rose him in the NAME of the LORD. Many were amazed, declared their believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and presented themselves to the Martyrdom. Next day the ruler sent him to a man called Simachos to terminate him. Simachos put St Apeema with other Christian man and four hungry beasts in a boat so that they eat the two men at sea. The Angel of the lORD Appeared, Healed his wounds, unchained him and sealed the mouths of the beasts. The boat returned to the shore with the cheers of the maltitudes. Armanios was forced to send him away from Alexandria to Bahnamhoon, County of Ben Soeef where he was beheaded after he kneeled and presented his neck to the excuter while praying and talking to the lORD JESUS CHRIST. May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Apeema the Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
Report incorrect translation: contcat us.

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