Pope Apolides The Martyr

Apolides was a perfect man full of virtues {trying hardly to follow the Words of the LORD “Therefore you shall be perfect just as Your FATHER in heaven IS PERFECT” (Matta,Mt: 5:48)}. He was chosen to sit on the Diocese of Rome after the death of father Oogios. This was during the first year of the sitting of the ninth Pope Saint Kladianos on the Patriarch of Alexandria. He was caring for the spiritual lives of his Church congregation. He Strenthen their faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST & defended them against any Gentiles’ thoughts. Caesar Kolodios heard about his faith. He arrested, tortured and severely beaten him. Finally he tied his leg with a heavy stone & threw him into the sea on the 15th of the Coptic month of Amshir. Next day, that is to say on the sixteenth of Amshir, one of the believers found the body of this Saint floating on the water with the heavy stone tied to his leg. He took the body and put it in an expensive shroud. The news were known all over Rome and all the cities that were under the Roman authority till it reached Caeser. He asked for the Saint’s body. But the believer refused to show the body and hide the holy relics. The Saint had many sayings about the Christian Faith, the DIVINE INCARNATION and many sermons that aimed to correct any un suitable behavior. Reference: The Coptic Synaxarium. The sixth of the month of Amshir.

Arabic biography source of: Pope Apolides The Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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