Apollonia the Martyred

St Dionosios in a letter directed to Phabios, the Bishop of Antakia, described the details of the sufferings that the Martyrs passed through during the era of Dakius( Disoos). In this letter he wrote: “ Our persecution did not start by the royal decreed on 250 Gregorian calendar (AD), but it started a year earlier. The mind behind every evil and their origin in this city, no matter whom he was, had persuaded the Gentiles’ groups against us. He kept reminding them with the poisons of their country’s common superstitions. As they get agitated by his speeches, they caught this opportunity to do all kinds of evil works. They considered that the best sacred service they can provide to their devils was to kill us that is to say: to kill the Christians( Yousabios 41:6). {The LORD Told us “Then they will deliver you to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for MY NAME’S SAKE” (Matthew: 24:9) } St Dionosios stated some examples at the beginning of this persecution that was at its top during the year of 249 (Gregorian calendar) AD. He wrote about the martyrdom of Metras or Metrius, Quinta the believer, Sarabion and the eldest virgin Apollonia. Her cenobilic (faithful) life at therance of the door to Alexandria: She was born to a rich family. From her youth she loved the LORD an dedicated all her time for praying, worshipping and enjoying an ascetic life living till she grew as an eldest virgin. When her parents passed away she vowed to stay virgin and was characterized by her generous donations to the poor. She preferred to live in a humble house out of the fence walls of Alexandria. The nice aroma of the LORD can be spiritually smelled in her life. Her standing at the ruler ( In Arabic: El Waali) As the tribulation towards the Christian believers increased, the Gentiles started to invade their homes and drag them out, without any consideration to their social ranks, their sex or age; Apollonia decided to go and meet the ruler to speak with him frankly about these aweful crimes. She stayed praying all the preceding night. At dawn she went on his way. Her goal was not to make him furious against her , but to convince him to think twice about these crimes to do such evil crimes. When she met the ruler, she politely, bravely and frankly told him “ Sir, how had you done such unfair deeds, and how did you brought such destruction to those whom you are supposed to care about without feeling any fear towards the KING of kings and the LORD of LORDS? You encouraged those who did such crimes killing the worshippers of GOD”. The ruler blamed her for speaking so boldly to him. He tried to calm her anger. As he did not succeed in that, he threatened her that he will condemn her to death if she did accept not to present incense to the idols. She did not care about his threatening. He ordered that she should be carried to the temple of the idols and ordered her to knee to the idols. She felt being full of a spiritual power and signed the cross. The idols fell broken to the ground. She spoke to the crowd with marvelous calmness about the LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS Salvation to all. Many were attracted by her calm speech, but others started to insult and beat her. Her Martyrdom : The ruler (El Waali) started to torture this faithful virgin and mocked at her, telling her: Where Is Your GOD that you said HE IS ABLE to help you? He did not stop trying to persuade her to change her mind & obey him. He violently tortured her, once by implicating her limbs, other times by breaking her teeth and beating her brutally on her mouth till it bled. In the middle of her sufferings she kneeled crying for the Help of her heavenly bridegroom . The audience heard a Heavenly Voice Saying:“You, JESUS bride, your prayer is accepted”. The Gentiles lighted a fire and ordered her again to worship the idols, otherwise they would throw her in the flaming fire. She calmly and bravely stood up for a while. They thought that she started to retreat and to change her mind. After a glimpse of time passed and while all were looking at her wondering what she would do in front of the fire; She advanced on her own towards the flaming fire calmly and bravely with praying stretched hands. She entered inside the flaming fire by her own free will to deliver her soul to the LORD Her Savior. St Augustine said that no one should rush to offer himself to death, but what this Saint did was by the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. Many Churches and Altars were built after the name of this Saint who was martyred in Alexandria. Western Christians celebrate her Memorial Day on the 9th of February. Reference: Orle`ans: Les Saints D`Egypte, tl, p. 290. May the Blessing of her prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Apollonia the Martyred
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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