Apollonius The Monk

Saint Palladius the monk wrote to us about another monk who was a businessman. More probably he was a physician or a pharmacist. In his elderly years he liked to use his talents moving from one monk’s place to another not caring about the far distances he had to walk between them. When he managed to enter to one room he wanted to be sure of the condition of each monk, giving some medicines to the sick & providing them with the recipes that were suitable to their medical conditions. There were many monks named ( Apollonius). But we tend to believe that what Saint Palladius said about Apollonius the monk concerned in particular this monk, as he said: There was a monk Who was businessman. He left his high rank social position and went to live near the Nitria mountain. As he was old in age he did not manage to learn the copying. He lived near the mountain for twenty years buying from his own money all the necessary medicines and drugs from Alexandria and granting them to the sick brethren. {He followed the commandments of the LORD . May the LORD Support us to follow his example( Matthew: 25:34-40& Hebrews:13:16)}. Many times they waited for his walking from a monastery to another from the early morning till 9 PM (Ancient timing as stated in the Agpyia prayers, that is to say 3 PM our current time). He cared to ask about any sick member of the Brethren. He presented to them what raw fruits as grapes and what he cooked as eggs and cookies that he specially prepared to be suitable for the sick. That described his elderly age. Before he passed away, he granted all his belongings to one of the brethren who had character similar to his. He encouraged him to keep this service going on. As in this wilderness there lived about five thousand monks who were in utmost need of this service. May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us AMEN. Reference: Palladius: The Lausaic History, Ch 11.

Arabic biography source of: Apollonius The Monk
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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