Abeemachos and Azrianos The two Martyrs

The martyrdom of these two Martyrs Abeemachos and Azrianos was on Hatoor the fourth. They were citizens of Rome. Some body informed the ruler, who was appointed by Mazimos, that they were Christians. They blamed the ruler for his abandoning the worship of the LIVING GOD and worshiping the idols that can not see or speak and deceive the crowd by the devils that live in them. The ruler was astonished by their boldness and ordered that they should be beheaded on Hatoor the fourth. May the Blessing of their prayers be with all of us AMEN. Reference: The Coptic Synaxarium

Arabic biography source of: Abeemachos and Azrianos The two Martyrs
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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