Abeemacoos El Fermi Saint

The LORD Granted the monk called Abeemacoos many talents. He was famous of having the talent of healing the sick and performing miracles in the NAME of the LORD. He was one of the disciples of the famous hegemony Yoanes from the Sheheet wilderness. The sick came to him asking for the healing of their bodies and for the peace of their souls. He lived during the era of Saints Abraam and Gorgi. His brethren the monks considered him to be an image of Prophet Moses. This was because his face was radiant with heavenly light similar to the radiant face of Prophet Moses when he stayed forty days on the mount Sinai talking to the LORD face to face and receiving the law from the LORD (Exodus: 34:29). This monk was born around the year 650 AD, desiring to become a monk he went to the Sheheet wilderness where he became a disciple of hegemony Yoanes for more than five years. He was ordinated as a priest at the Monastery of St Makaar the Great and On 744 A.D. he was ordinated as a hegemony at Saint Mary Monastery-Tenees( An isle at El Manzaala lake, about 9 miles far from south west of Port Said) . Then he was chosen as a Bishop of El Ferma ( El Balsaam) during the time of the Archibishopship of H. H. Pope Mikhael the 1st ( the 42nd Pope:744-768 A.D.). After living a virtuous hundred years life, He passed away around 750 A.D. Reference: The History of the Coptic Church. Iris Habib El Masr. 1983, Part II: Page 326. May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Abeemacoos El Fermi Saint
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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