The Agnostios Atrobios

The suffering that Atrobios passed through till death was not a result of the Gentiles’ persecution; but it was due to the conflict between the politics and religion. The Emperor Aphdoksia unfairly ordered that St John the Golden mouth should be sent away. St John left the Diocese of Costantinopolos and headed to the Cocas Mountains in Armenia leaving his congregation. He gladly and joyfully accepted this unfair empirical order. The congregation of Costantinopolos was furious. Suddenly a fire flared at the Cathedral of Costantinopolos. Some explained that this fire started from under the Altar to express the wart of GOD towards the unfairness that Patriarch was subjected to. Those who were opposing the Patriarch accused his followers of igniting that fire to disturb the authorities. The authorities supported this and called the Agnostios Atrobios and hardly pushed him to provide them with the names of those who ignited the fire. In spite of the tortures he undergone, he did not provide them with any name. So they stripped him and whipped brutally and brushed his face and the sides of his body with sharp edged iron combs. They ignited fire near the sensitive organs of his body. Finally they threw them into a deep well where he soon passed away. May the Blessing of the prayers of St Atrobios, St John the Golden mouth Be with all of us AMEN. Reference: Father Tadros Malati book about St John Golden mouth (Sending him away).

Arabic biography source of: The Agnostios Atrobios
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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