Apollonius the Apologist

During the second Gregorian Century, the History recorded the names of many apologists who firmly and bravely stood to defend the Christian Faith viruses the Gentile Emperors and judges and philosophers. They politely and gently defended their Christian Faith against the fake accusations of the Jews and the Gentiles. One of these was called: Apollonius the Apologist whose martyrdom was about 185 A.D Gregorian. His rise in Christian faith starting from 180 A.D : When king who persecuted the Christians died, his son and his son’s partener Komodos ruled. They were more gentle and compassionate in dealing with the Christian believers. The Christian faith spread and the number of the believers multiplied. Between those believers there was a judge named Apollonius who studied philosophy and was interested in strengthening his knowledge. This mane loved the Christian faith and adored studying the Holy Bible. He grew in knowledge and gained many souls and guided them to follow the Way of the LORD. In the middle of this calm stable era for the Church, one of the slaves of Apollonius called Saweeris; presented to the judge of Rome named Perennis; a claim that his master is a Christian believer. The rules to kill the Christian believers were still valid; but there was no persecution or indecent treatment for any Christian unless some one had a claim against him. This slave was so evil. His evil behavior him to be condemned to death. But before that he signed his claim against his Master. Apollonius stood in front of the judges defending his Christian belief and refusing the Emperors faith and refusing to present incense to the idols. Instead of defending himself, Apollonius caught this chance to explain to the judges the high Spiritual aspects of the Christian faith. He tried to persuade them to convert to Christianity, attacking them with his convincing gentle speech that had a huge effect on all the audience. { St . Apollonius imitated St Paul example “ Now as he (St Paul) reasoned about righteousness, self control and the judgement to come , Filex was afraid..”(Acts:24:25)} Even the judge was eager about join the Christian belief, but he said to Apollonius “I am so sorry to say that I have to follow the Emperor rules that states that you must be killed”. As the judge feared the mutiny of the crowd due to their feelings of love towards Apollonius, he ordered that he should be beheaded by sword at once. This was on April 18, 185 A.D Here we mention some of his sayings during the trial that were directed to the judge Perennis: “+ Death is imperative for every human being , but Christians practice that daily” {“For dust you are, and to dust you shall return” (Genesis:3:19)- “ Likewise you also reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to GOD in CHRIST JESUS Our LORD”(Romans:6:11)}. “+ Dying for the Sake of our TRUE LIVING GOD is much better than dying due to a fever, illness or a disaster”. The judge asked him “Do you like to die?” He replied “ No, but I want to enjoy life. My love to staying alive makes me do not fear death. There is nothing good compared to the eternal life that grants immortality to the humans to live in goodness. {For if we have been united together in the likeness of HIS Death, certainly we shall also be in the likeness of HIS RESURRECTION” (Romans:6:5)}. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Memorial Day of St Apollonius on April 17th and the Latin Church on April 18th every year. May the Blessing of the prayers of St Apollonius be with all of us AMEN. Reference: Butler, book entitled : Live of Saints.

Arabic biography source of: Apollonius the Apologist
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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