Abou Yasser El-Kastal

He is a virtuous monk at monastery in Touraa , on 10th century . He cared about studying the Holly Book and made a spiritual reforming for the Coptic people , as well as he wrote book to reform some of the spiritual and social wrongs which was prevailing in his time like 1- the fiancés have to know each others before marriage to accept each others with all love and pleased so it will reduce the family problems . 2- he explained that the circumcision is not the spiritual order but it is a social habits and the Christians can baptize without circumcision ……….and the baptism is the only way for the believer . and because of this book the flock got resentful of him and they cast up him so he stayed at garden beside the monastery where he cared about it and planed it , but at the beginning of El Alyoubee period , there were ordered to take all the church and monasteries property so they took this garden too Abou Yasser has a Jewish friend , they used to debate about religious topics , he succeeded to pabtized him and he became a deacon at St.Mary church in Zuella Area and spent all his life for servicing God.

Arabic biography source of: Abou Yasser El-Kastal
Translated by: Sally (Godservant)
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