Galation and Epestem The two Martyrs

We do not know about these two Martyrs Galation and his wife Epestem except that they were righteous loving the LORD above all and sharing their love for the LORD and their righteous life and fidelity to each other being united to one in the LORD as the Union between the LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS CHURCH (EPH:5). They were presnted to the Martyrdom about 253 Gregorian (A.D.) in the era of Diacos (Dicios) era. The ruler of Homoos captured them , tried to make them surrender to the worshipping of the idols and Deying the LORD, by torturing them brutely. He stripped them, amplicated their tongues and legs. They bleeded badly. Then he beheaded them and they flied to the heavenly home. The Latin and Greek Churches Celebrate their memorial days on the 15th of Chereen second. May the Blessing of their prayers be with all of us AMEN. Reference: Aspiro Gaboor, Saints from Hoomos; Orthodox Periodical 1981, Pages 1-10.

Arabic biography source of: Galation and Epestem The two Martyrs
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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