Abibus The Martyr 2

He was a virtuous man who escaped the tribulation but was having an open loving heart. When time came he willingly and gladly willed to be a martyr and presented himself to be excuted for the sake HIS CHRISTIAN Faith. Abibus or Sabin( A name means the loving) lived in Hermopolius (El Ashmonien). This true believer lived an ascetic life dedicating his time to worship the LORD. During the era of the ruling of Dekladionos, as the prescution of Christians was widespread he secretly went to live in a humble cottage where many Christians lived at the border of the dessert to escape from Aeriana the ruler of Inasana. As this virtuous man was well know in the city, many evil Gentiles did not feel at ease due to his escpae. They tried hard to locate him. But his heart was full with peace and love in his new home. He was practicing the merciful deeds to all without exception. One of the beggers knew him. He came to him daily asking for a donation. after a short time the adoring of money filled the heart of this begger . He secretly went to Aeriana's men and inquired about how much money would he get if he told them the directions to the new home of Abibus. As he made a deal with them, this new Judah guided them to the home of this virtuous man. Aeriana's men rushed to brutely hit him, while he gladly surrendered to them with a smiling face. Theyinsulted and hit him thinking that by this they are defending their idol gods that this evil man (that is what was their wrong idea about Abibus) despised. {JESUS Told us "In fact, a time is coming when any one who kills you will think he is offering a service to God"(Jn:16:2)} Abibus patiently endured all the different kinds of sufferings. The LORD JESUS CHRIST Was Supporting and Comforting him. Finally they cut and tore organs till he bleeded from every where. Then they threw him into the fire & at last used the Nile river as a grave for him. This incident was during the 305 A.D Gregorian year. Reference:R.P.Paul Cheneau, D. Orléans : Les Saints D’ Egypt, Mars 13, 305 A.D. May the Blessing of the prayers of St Abibus be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Abibus The Martyr 2
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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