Aboo Saad Mansour

Aboo Saad Mansour is an Arabic name that literally means the happy victorious man. He was the son of Aboo El Yomen and was an imminent writer and a courageous fighter. The Khalifa (The governor) El Moustanseer assigned the ministry to him. But he was obliged to resign when the Turkish soldiers claimed for their salaries and there were no available funds in the treasury. When the Head of the soldiers started a mutiny against the Khalifa, Aboo Saad fought back and conquered them. The Khalifa appreciated his courage and his loyality. He was close to the heart of the Khalifa. Reference: Father Menaasi Youhanna (John). The History of the Coptic Church; 1983: Page 398.

Arabic biography source of: Aboo Saad Mansour
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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