St Beesada (Absaadi)

“Absaadi” or “Beesada” is a Coptic word that means the crushed or the humble. St Beesada was the Bishop of Absay (Now called El Manshaaa Shaark) in the time of the ruling of Dakladinios . Knowing his Spiritual shepherdess for his flock and his sincere efforts to keep them all in the Faith of the LORD; Dakladinios sent Ariana, the governer of Ansana, to order the Bishop to come to Dakladinios presence. Bishop Beesada called his flock and urged them to wrestle to keep their Christian Faith. He served a Holy Liturgy where all the congregation participated in the Holy Eucharist. Then he greeted his flock farewell and delivered himself to the messengers of the Ariana. When Ariana saw him he had pity on him due to his personality, that forces every one to respect him. He asked him to obey the orders of Dikladinios to stay away of trouble. But the Bishop bravely refused to burn incense for the idols. He endured many tortures they subjected him to including squeezing him in the Hazabin ( A Machimne used to torture the Christians) and throwing him in a bath stove. The lORD Preserved him and he was not harmed. Finally he got the crown of martyrdom on 27th of Kiahk. Till dated there is still a monastery called after his name (St Beesada) in El Manshaaa Shaark. May the Blessing of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: St Beesada (Absaadi)
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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