St Abraham (Ibrahim) the Disciple of St Sisoes El Tabayesee

St Abraham or Ibrahim , the Disciple of St Sisoes El Tabayesee, is a monk that represents a living model of a the obedient humble disciplinary monastery life with continuous growing in knowledge. He has many spiritually valuable discussions written in the book of the Paradise of the desert monks (Boostaan El Roohban). GOD’S WILL we’ll mention these discussions when we deal with the curriculum vitae of St Sisoes. Once during a visit to Abba Arios (Other than Arios the hypocrite), another monk brother came and asked : “What good thing must I do to get eternal life?”. St Arios replied “ Go and stay the whole week girding the palm leaves to get ropes. You should fast the whole week. Your food though this whole week must be limited to salt and a sip of water once daily at sunset. The come back and I’ll tell you what to do”. The monk went and did all what he was told. St Abraham heard and admired the obedience of the monk. This monk came back to Abba Arios while St Abraham was also there. St Arios told him to go and fast for a week (In some transcripts for a year not a week) and do not eat except once every 2 days. St Abraham wondering asked St Arios: “ Why you give light commandments to the all the brethren and burden this monk with a heavy one?.” St Arios replied “ All the brethern come and ask and I give them according to what they ask. But this brother wants a Spiritually useful word, and he is laboring hardly, and all I order him he sincerely and laboriously fulfil my orders”. { It is clearly seen that the fathers of the Church are wise, self controlled, know how to teach, to manage and to decide, The monks as well in the start of their monastery lives and their disciplinary to the Senior monks always go to their seniors to get the guidance and advice. They as well have the talent to distinguish. Their obedience is not only to do without understanding what they are asked to do, but they understand quite well what they have to obey}. Once the devil wanted to subject him to a trial. St Siseos saw that St Abraham fell . On the spot St Siseos stretched his hands and cried to the LORD “ I’ll not leave you until you heal my disciple”. { An awesome illustration of the caring fatherly feelings}. Instead of blaming his disciple that he did not wrestle with the devil and he was weak in front of the evil power and fell, St Arios just stretched his hands and pcried to the LORD to heal his disciple and deliver him from the trial. May the Blessing of the Prayers of St Siseos and St Abraham Be with all of us AMEN. Budge: The Paradise of the Fathers, 1972, v 2, P 21, 95.

Arabic biography source of: St Abraham (Ibrahim) the Disciple of St Sisoes El Tabayesee
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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