St Abramius

Egyptian Christianity is famous by being the richest one in proving Martyrs and Saints. St Palladius presented of us the curriculum vitae of many Great Saints from Egypt. One of these is St Abramius (Also called St Ibrahim). His life teaches us that the devil’s war never stops even against the Saints,, the monks & all those who live in asceticism , irrespective of their high degree in asceticism. St Abramius lived in the desert a Severe ascetic life. His life was a very hard and cruel life. But the enemy of the rightness hit him with a spirit of pride and prejudice… So he once entered the Church wanting to practice the priesthood work. The congregation was astonished, as he is not ordained as a priest. Strangely enough he told them “ The LORD JESUS CHRIST Has Ordained me as a priest yesterday night. Then all the congregation knew how deep he fell. They asked him to leave the desert. The fathers of the Church took care of him & asked him not to be so cruel in practicing his asceticism till he was healed from feeling any pride or prejudice. When he felt his fault and his weakness they realized that he was saved from the monks of the devil. The lesson we learn from this Saints life that although asceticism is an important Spiritual practice, it must be practiced only with those who have strong faith and to the limits that do not lead to the feeling of pride , prejudice or self rightness. Palladius: The Lausiac History, Chapter 53 May the Blessing of their prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: St Abramius
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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