The Saints Appolloo and Youhanna (John)

St Geroom told us in his wrings that he met a Saint called Appollo who is from Or (Akur or Acre). He worked as a blacksmith. When he joined the monastic life he kept practicing his original profession as a service to his brethren. Once the Satan appeared to him taking the shape of a woman that wanted to serve the Brethren. He threw him with a peace of a red flaming iron. The Satan cried in a loud voice that was heard by all the Brethren, and disappeared at once. St Geroom told us that from this instant, St Appollo could handle any piece of red flaming iron and was not affected by its high temperature. His hands did not suffer any burn. This monk (St Appollo) welcomed the visit of St Geroom and told him about the biography of his brethren. One of them was called St Youhanna (John). This monk reached a very old age and gained a rank in practicing the ascetic monastic life, that is higher than all his fellow brethren. He was difficult to locate as he moved frequently from a place in the wilderness to another. In the start of his monastic life he stayed praying for 3 continuous years. He just had very short periods of sleep while standing & did not eat any thing except when sharing with his brethren the Holy Eucharist from week to week every Sunday. {{This is the Bread which came down from heaven-not as your fathers ate the manna, and are dead. He who eats this Bread will live forever” (John: 6:58)}}. Once, as well, the Satan appeared to him in the shape of a woman (May be asking for his prayers). He recognized him at once and said “ Go away you full of every cheat. The father of all wickedness. How dare you and come near the Holy Eucharist? Would not you stop deceiving the spirits of the Christians?” The Satan replied “ There is still just a short period and I’ll rule you when you fall. Several times I tempted a man till he became crazy. But some Righteous monks prayed to the LORD on his behalf, so he regained his sanity” The Satan left after he said that. The legs of the blessed were injured by his long standing during praying. An Angel approached him and told him “ The LORD WILL Be your bread and the HOLY SPIRIT WILL Be your drink. This Spiritual Food Is quite enough for you” As his leg ulcers were healed the Angel ordered him to go to the wilderness and feed on the herbs and go to the monastery every Sunday to share in the service of the Holy Eucharist( Liturgy). A paralyzed man intended to go to the Saint so that he may pray on his behalf to the LORD to heal him. As soon as he started to go and was going to ride his donkey, even before he left his yard and even before the blessed Youhanna( John) prayed on his behalf, he was healed by his true faith. St Geroom wrote to us also n sent some for as a blessing to a group of sick people. When they ate it they were all healed. Another time he was informed that some of the Brethren in his monastery do not behave as righteous as they should do in their lives and deeds. He wrote a letter blaming the Eldest for being neglecting and the Brethren for their unfair flattering. That was the truth. He wrote to the neglect Eldest that did not labor or care for the salvation of their brethren. He wrote also to the Brethren to correct themselves that they may lead a life in all godliness and reverence. He explained to them the reward and the punishment that waited both the 2 parties. St Gerrom wrote that St Appollo told him all that about the blessed Youhanna( John). Also some other stories that he did not write as he was not because of their incredibility, but because many lacked the strong faith to believe in these stories. Reference: St. Jerome: Ashe`tihon, or Hist. of the Monks Of Tabenna, the Histories of the Solitaries Desert of Egypt, Ch 110

Arabic biography source of: The Saints Appolloo and Youhanna (John)
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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