The Saints: Appollo and Abeeb

The lives of the two Saints were a living example of the faithful Spiritual friendship. The two Saints share their love for the LORD, their tendency to study Theology and their adoration of the Heavenly Kingdom. They practiced the deep aspects of friendship that strengthened their Spiritual lives. The raising of Appollo: His parents Aman and his wife Aitee lived in the greater Panopolis city (Now Akmeen). They lived righteously in the fear of GOD and enjoyed visiting the monasteries, They did not have a son. Once Aitee saw, as if in a dream {A handsome man carrying a blossoming plant and he cultivated it in her home. The plant flourished and produced fruits. Aitee picked a fruit and ate it. She found that it had a very sweetie taste. She spoke to herself during the dream “I may have a baby who will have a sweet taste like this fruit”}. Aitee told her husband about the dream. Both glorified the LORD. They deepened their righteousness and their love for the LORD and especially their sincere praying. Aitee got up in the middle to praise the LORD& in the mornings they stayed for long times praying to the LORD. Finally the LORD Granted them a baby (Appollon). The child lived righteously in the Spirit of the Holy Gospel. He grow up loving to stay unmarried and looking forward eagerly to the monastery life. He had a friend named (Abeeb) who joined him in his thoughts to his eagerness to the monastic life. The raising of Abeeb: He grew righteously like his friend. He practiced ascetic life. He slept on the floor without using any mattress. He had tendency to live a solitary life spending most of his time in praying, carefully examining the verses of the Holy Bible. His father blamed him. He told him not to spend most of his time in Bible studies, so that he can, as his brothers did, reach a high rank position in the society. He accepted his father’s criticism with a silent calm peaceful attitude. His father and brothers wondered about his calm attitude and silence in spite of they being pretending to be furious in blaming him. The father got seriously ill and was feeling angry about his son’s tendency to the solitary life. The brothers insisted that the father should meet his son Abeeb. They was fearing that their father get too furious during the meeting with his son while he was ill. Indeed Abeeb came calmly feeling shy. His father called him and said “ Pray for me my son that the LORD Forgive me for any inconvenience or annoyance I caused you. You was seeking the ONE, the LORD Alone {{and asking to being Granted HIS GRACE “Ask and it Will Be Given to you…AMEN” “But seek first the Kingdom of GOD and HIS Righteousness, and all these things Shall Be Added to you AMEN” (Matthew:7:7& 6:33}}. But I was caring for the material matters in the world with my human feelings ”. He reached for his son’s hand and cried. He gathered all his sons and told them “ From now on this is your father and your teacher. Follow what he says with a live conscience. Now you inherit all my assets as I told you”. The sons had a vision of the Eternal life while their father was passing away. Then Abeeb took hold of all the inherited assets. He divided them between his brothers. Concerning his share he donated it to the poor. Now as Abeeb felt free from the material things, he went with his friend Appollo to a monastery. They lived each in a separate room practicing the ascetic and communal life with the ONE (The LORD) with a Spiritual Bible thinking. Their Monastic lives: They lived separately each in his own room. From time to time they met to support each other in the LORD. Abeeb became seriously sick. Appollo rushed to him to help him and to satisfy all the needs of his friend as far as he could. In the middle of his sufferings Abeeb apologized, smiling, to Appollo telling him “ Leave me my brother, on my own with the LORD. When my time comes I’ll call you”. Appollo’s eyes were full with tears while he was getting out of Abeeb’s room. He realized that he was going to loose a support to him in his spiritual struggle and a helping friend. But thinking about the Heavenly Kingdom and having faith that his brother would pray for him in Heavenly Kingdom filled him with comforting condolences. When he heard Abeeb calling him he rushed to him. Abeeb said in a low voice “Hurry, come quickly, see you in the heavenly kingdom”. Appollo just caught a chance to kiss him while his friend gave up his spirit. .This sad event was on Abib 25th. This event deserves a stop. Every one of us knows how much he needs his beloved ones during his illness; especially if he is seriously ill and he feels that he is going to pass away. But Saint Abeeb, as all his feelings was absorbed towards the LORD. His thoughts were looking above and his heart was flaming with his love towards His Heavenly Bridegroom. He needed nothing even during the terminal stages of his serious illness. He loved his brother Appollo and wanted to see him before he passed away. But he did not want to distract his attention away from his careful examination of the bible verses. On the hill of the shining sun, Appollo became alone. He left his room and went to the hill of Eblutz (the shining sun). The people smelled in him the fragrance of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. They came to him asking for his Blessings and guidance. Frequently he spoke to them about his dear brother Abeeb. It is said that on the memorial day of the departure of St Abeeb, St Appollo said “ Any one who prays for the LORD JESUS CHRIST asking for the prayers of St Abeeeb, the LORD Will hear his prayers and Grant him what he wants”. The public doubted his sayings. A monk passed away. The brethren went to get blessings of his dead body. Suddenly the dead monk rose and gently blamed those who had doubts about the sayings of St Appollo. Then he died again. All that were present feared the LORD. St Appollo lived during the era of St Macarius El Masri ( St Macarius the Egyptian) who always loved to hear St Appollo sayings. St Marcarius wrote a letter to him and to the other monks. St Appollo knew by Spirit about the letter and told his brethren. Later they received the letter. St Appollo died after living a righteous long life. May the Blessing of the prayers of the Saints Appollo and Abeeb Be with all of us AMEN> Reference: Jean Moschus. Pre’Spirituel. Vie des Pe’re. Livre X, Ch 202.

Arabic biography source of: The Saints: Appollo and Abeeb
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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