Abba Noufer ,the tourist

At Ashmoun monastery Abu Noufer loved God do much and longing to quiet worship so he joined Bahromobolis monastery , there were 100 monks practiced the fellowship life and the worshipping silently with working as a part of the worship . Abba Noufer loved those monks and lived between them with the piety and the obedience spirit , but he longing to the loneliness like St. John the Baptist and Elias the prophet . The wilderness : after a few years he longing to the loneliness . At one night he sneaked away without telling anybody because he knew hoe they liked him and they wanted him to stay with them . He took with him one bread and some vegetable just for 4 days and went to the south between the mountains . where is separate between the down upper Egypt and the Oasis…. He prayed to God to guide him on his way……… Once he entered the desert he saw a brightness light and he saw an angel said to him “ I am your angel guard , I never let you from your beginning so don’t worry and go forward Because you will reach to the place where God prepared to you” this Angel guide him till he reached to cell and disappeared . Abba Noufer knocked on the door and said ”blessing me ..” so he saw tall , venerable man so he kneeled and kiss his feet but the hermit lifted him up and said to him “Abba Noufer , you are my brother in God , come to take a rest and resume your way where God told you “ . After a few days this hermit went to him for 4 days till they reached to cell beside palm tree and he lived with him for a month to teach him the loneliness life and left him but he used to visit him once a year till this hermit departure at one of his visiting to Abba Noufer. With St.Befnouty: the hermit Befnouty longing to enter the desert to meet one of the hermits or the tourists there . So he took some food and went 17 days on the desert and suddenly he saw Abba Noufer who has between 60 or 70 years there , he has tall and non trim hair with tall beard which covered his body and gird himself with wide leaves So when St.Befnouty saw him he got afraid and climbed hill behind him and stared at that strange man but this weariest old man said ”come down saint monk , I lived at this wildness because I love God” …………. They kissed each other a peace kiss and talked together an spiritual and interesting talking . Abba Noufer told him that he has 60years at this desert ate wrot and dates and he didn’t see anybody he exerted the inanition , the thirstiness , the heat and the coldness but God looked at his weakness and sustained him. He told him that there are many people here in this wilderness have marvelous gifts as well as they carried to the heaven and saw saints on their glory and came back with glory happiness nobody here can felt with……….. St.Befnouty forgot all his weariness during his listening to Abba Noufer . They went together to the cell , after they arrived at sunset , they found one bread with some water on the rock His departure : it seems that St.Befnouty didn’t stay along time with him………. Because Abba Noufer got sock so he was worried about him but Abba Noufer comforted him and told him that he has to go back to Egypt after he enshrouded him …….. While his departure St. Befnouty saw Angels and heard their hymens and he wanted to continue at his cell but he found that the palm tree and the spring had gone so he came back to his monastery.

Arabic biography source of: Abba Noufer ,the tourist
Translated by: Sally (Godservant)
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