The Saints Appollo and Amoun

St Appollo meeting with St Geroom St Geroom described his meeting with St Appollo “And we also saw another priest called St Appollo who lived in Tibaa at the border of Hermapolis (Currently called: El Ashmonien). It is the place where Our Savior Visited accompanied by St Mary and St Joseph fulfilling the prophet that Prophet Isaiah "Behold the LORD Rides a swift cloud And Will Come to Egypt; The idols of Egypt will totter to HIS Presence ...AMEN”(Is:19:1) We saw the idol’s temple where the idols crashed down with their faces on the floor, when Our SAVIOR came to the town. More over we saw this man (St Appollo) who lived in the wilderness as a Spiritual father for about five hundred monks. They all lived in monasteries that were built at the base of a mountain. The Saint was well known to all the inhabitants of the Tibaa region. He was characterized by the virtues of a high rank ascetic life. The LORD Granted him the talent of performing great signs and wonders. His Monastic life:: In his early youth he visited that lived in the near by desert districts. His heart became full with the eagerness to live this life that is similar to the Angels life in heaven. He left all his belonging and left his life in the world and went to the monastery where he practiced the quite monastery life for forty years. St Geroom Continued: St Geroom described to us how St Appollo heard a Heavenly Voice Ordering him to establish a monastery. A Voice that Came from above, Saying "Appollo I WILL Through you Erase the wisdom of the wise men of Egypt and Delete the understanding that is not an understanding of the foolish Gentiles. On MY Behalf you will surpass the wise people of the world and delete the service of the Satan. Rush to the desert near the inhabited region. A new sacred community will be born that will be glorified by the righteous deeds". As St Appollo feared to be full of pride he sincerely responded "MASTER, please Extract any feeling of pride from me , so I will not feel any pride and feel that I am more righteous than my brethren, and by this, I might loose YOUR Blessings". The Voice Replied "Put your hand on your neck and catch a bad thing there, then bury it ". When St Appollo did so, he heard a voice from the buried thing " I am the sprit of pride. The Saint heard the Heavenly Voice for the third time "Go and what ever you ask from Your LORD HE WILL Grant you". This vision or event clearly denotes the concern of our forefathers about their Salvation. They feared to be full of pride if they were assigned as leaders, even though this assignment came from above. But this fear did not present an obstacle for accomplishing their assignment, and do not lessen their Zeal in service (Jealousy) and Spiritual Shepherd hood. As soon as the Blessed Saint heard that, he immediately left to Shaina where he stayed in a cavern. He lived the life of continuous praying. As St Geerom wrote " He prayed more than 100 times a day with many worshipping (Kneeling to the earth, Mataanyaat). He did not think about what to eat. The LORD Sent an Angel to supply him with his daily needs in that wasteland. He covered his body with a short sleeve cloth & his head with a handkerchief that he never changed. They never worn out. The LORD Granted him the talents of doing miracles and healing the sic, that are difficult to explain, by the POWER of the LORD. St Geroom heard the monks, the seniors, the righteous ones describing St Appollo as a new prophet or a messenger in his Era. As his good reputation spread all around, other monks presented themselves to him considering him their true Spiritual father. Due to his continuous encouragement for them to live a perfect Spiritual communal ascetic life, some of the monks started to see heavenly visions. Others Were Granted the talent to do miraculous Spiritual deeds. On Sundays he ate with them the Agabi (Eating together in the LOVE of the LORD). He just ate some uncooked vegetables, and never did he eat a cooked food, bread or fruits. On the time of the ruling of Youlian, who denied the Christian Faith, St Appollo traveled from upper Egypt to Babel aiming to visit a Monk who was in prison as Youlian wanted him to join the military service. St Appollo supported the monk in his troubles and asked him not to loose his internal peace, or his hope in the Heavenly Kingdom. As the guard heard the advices of the Saint, he went to his boss and told him that the Saint is pushing the prisoners to escape. The Chief guard got furious and told the guard to close the doors of the prison, put his seal on the doors and be Alert. He aimed to keep the Saint, and all who accompanied him, locked inside, saying that they were also fit for military service. He went home to rest non caring for the begging of the brethren. At midnight the Angel of the LORD Came Carrying a lighted lamp that lightened all the corners of the prison with luminescent light that all the guards were greatly astonished and asked the brethren to go out of jail. The guards said “ It is better for us to die than to ignore the freedom given by the LORD to the brethren who were jailed without any charge. In the morning when the chief guard came accompanied by the high society people, he begged the brethren to leave and told them an earth quake occurred at night and buried all the members of his family. When the news passed to the Brethren, they glorified the LORD and joyfully returned to the wilderness. The Saint’s care for the salvation of his Brethren: St Geerom described the lives of the Brethren whose Spiritual lives were taken care of by St Appollo “ All the Brethren lived following the example given to them by the Apostles. They were living in one accord, sharing the same Spirit. The Blessed St Appollo always advised them to get rid at once of any evil ideas that the devil the adverse of good , tried to implement in their minds. He told them “ Always get more strength in doing spiritual glorified deeds. try to crush the head of the serpent, as the serpent’s head is crushed, its body dies. The LORD Told us to be always alert of this serpent’s head. We not only avoid any evil ideas to try to sneak in our minds, but also avoid any incorrect illusions. {That is to say: Avoid any thing that introduces evil ideas in our minds from the surrounding environment as for example: indecent views, photos or songs that introduces as well as any evil ideas that comes from our internal minds }. Try hard to strengthen your spiritual lives, always compete each other in your ascetic lives, so that no one is weaker than his Brethren in this respect (But with no feeling of pride). {That is to say: every one is growing in spirit}. Of the Saints sayings: “The sign that you had reached the glory of the ascetic life, is to conquer your bodies lust. The start of the Grace of the LORD is by praying for being perfect as the LORD Is and trying as far as they can to belong to HIS Similarity. You must avoid feeling any pride, or thinking that you are superior than his brethren. He who at any time feels that he deserves this Grace due to feeling that he is righteous, Will loose the GRACE in the spot”. St Geroom in another occasion said This Saint stored in his mind a treasure of precious good thoughts. His labors are even much higher than his thoughts. GOD Answered all what he asked HIM. Once he saw in a vision that he was similar to the Apostles, and the LORD Granted him the Heritage of the GLORY. He asked the LORD to leave this material world quickly so he could get the eternal rest in Heaven. Our Savior Answered him “ Appollo, you must stay and live for a longer period in the world, so that many will become as complete as possible through imitating your deeds and through spiritually feeling jealous from your Spiritual labor. The LORD assigned you to head a multitude of monks and righteous flock. The number of the monks in this wilderness grew till they were about 500 monks sharing the ascetic life, eating the (Agabi) together. They truly looked like workers dressed in kingly white clothes as if they looked like the Angels. The words of the Holy Bible stated as Isaiah’s prophecy about the Gentile’s Church was fulfilled in them “"The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad with them, and the desert shall rejoice... " (Is:35:1) also: "Sing, O barren who have not born!....for more are the children of the desolate; Than the children of the married woman" Says the LORD AMEN” (Is:54:1). And was completed in Egypt’s wilderness as the number of adopted sons of the LORD got away from the number of the population who lived in the material world and labored only for the material needs of them selves and of others. In many Egyptian cities the groups of the monks were growing even more than those who tried to come near the LORD in the wilderness. The Saint’s care for the salvation of all the brethren (Continued): St Geroom continued to write to us that while he was walking with the brethren in one of the Egyptian villages, he saw a gathering of the Gentiles worshipping an Idol in an Idol temple, dancing and doing evil deeds. The Saint Kneeled at once and prayed to the LORD the Savior of all human beings. The crowd stopped dancing as if they were tied by a rope. They stood still under the burning sun. Wondered about the cause of what happened to them, they knew that the reason was due to the prayers of the Saint. They begged him to pray for them. When he did their ties fell and they returned to their normal condition. They abandoned the worshipping of idols and believed in the LORD of all, the Marvelous. They joined the Church. Some even went to the Monastery and was ordained as monks due to the Blessing of the GRACE on the Saint and due to the Work of the gracious words that he pronounced. This news spread around. Many Gentiles came from other villages to listen to his sermons about the Unlimited Love of the LORD and the Divine Incarnation. Attracting many to join the Christian Faith due to the persistent smile. They said that there was always a smile on his face. He always said “ Why should we make every effort in the service of the LORD while grooming? . Aren’t we worthy to inherit the Eternal life?. Let us leave the grooming, the feeling of unhappiness and the crying to the Gentiles. The Saints and the Righteous should always be happy and joyful because they enjoy the Spiritual lives”. Winning the head of a gang: As fight started between two villages. The Blessed rushed to implement the peace. Men of one of the villages did not like to listen to him as they were taking shelter behind the head of a gang. The Saint met this man who was having an angry mode, while the Saint kept welcoming him with a smile and wise talks saying to him “ My dear, if you accepted my words, I’ll pray to the LORD on your behalf asking HIM to forgive all your sins”. As soon as the man heard that he got rid of his weapon without any hesitation. He kneeled in front of the Saint & ordered his men (The gang) to go home. As peace prevailed the 2 villages, and everyone returned to his normal life, the man stayed close to the Saint & asked him to fulfil what his promise. The Saint accompanied him to the wilderness, continued to pray for him and asked him to be patient and told him” The LORD Is Able to grant you what you want”. During the night the Saint and the gang’s head saw the same dream. They dreamed that they were both standing in front of the LORD Sitting on HIS Thorn in Heaven. The Angels and Righteous worshipping the LORD. As they kneeled and worshipped Our LORD JESUS CHRIST they heard A Voice Saying: {"...And what communion has light with darkeness....or what part has a believer with an unbeliever?..." (1Co:6:14-15), Why then this killer stands on the side of this righteous man?; But go man (Appollo), this young man in faith, as he took refugee in you, Will Get also the Salvation because of you}. They saw visions and heard words that can’t be described or told. As they woke up in the morning, they spoke about their joined dream. All wondered how both of them had the same dream on the same night. The gang’s head stayed in the Monastery living a true ascetic life till he passed away. St Geroom commenting on this story said: The wolf changed to a lamb fulfilling the prophecy: "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb.....The cow and the bear shall graze..." (Is:11:6-7). Ethiopian monks joined his monastery: St Geroom continued his story about St Appollo saying; We saw also Ethiopian monks joining his monastery living a sincere monastic ascetic lives fulfilling the prophecy stated in the Psalms: "Envoy will come out to Egypt; Ethiopia will quickly stretch out her hands to GOD..." (Ps:68:31) Some of the miracles of the Saint: St Geroom continued to tell us about the Saint: 1- A dispute occurred between a group of Christians and a group of the Gentiles about the borders of a fertile land. The Blessed came trying to implement peace between the 2 groups. But the head of the Gentiles was so rude and told the Saint “There would be no peace between us till death”. The Saint replied “ Let it be what you said. Nobody will die except you, your grave will not be under the dust, but inside the abdomens of the wild animals your grave will be. That was what really happened. In the morning they found the man dead. The hyenas and the eagles tore his body. As the rest of the Gentiles heard that they thanked GOD and believed in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. 2- Several monks had the habit to go deep in the wilderness to practice the solitary life and deeply thinking about the theological aspects away from the communal life in the monastery. Every monk lived tough ascetic life and dedicated all his time for worshipping, praying, studying the Holy Bible. They returned to the monastery to celebrate with the other monks the Holy Week (Passover, Pascha). After celebrating the Glorified Resurrection feast of the LORD, some stayed the fifty blessed days till they celebrate the Pentecost feast. St Appollo returning to his cavern with a group of monks they served the Holy Eucharist (Holy Liturgy), then came the time to eat something after fasting. He told them “My sons if we are really true believers and servants of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, each one cries to GOD asking him to Give us what we need to eat. He kneeled and prayed with true belief. As it was dark at night , they saw strangers, none of them was known to the monks. These strangers were carrying grapes, figs, pears, almonds, fresh honey in its cubes, a box of milk (Butter), a large quantity of dates and bread that was still hot!. The strangers told them that a rich sent to them this food staff & rleft them at once. This food staff was sufficient to feed the monks till the Pentecost feast. The monks quite astonished said” Truly GOD sent this to us”. 3- - A short period after this miracle, a famine occurred in the Tibaa district. Some of the Christians accompanying their wives and kids headed to the monastery. The Blessed generously offered the food to them till it nearly went out of stock. Only three baskets remained that would cover one day food supply. The famine was at its top. The Blessed took the remaining bread, and put it in front of the monks and the crowd. He said “Is not the HAND of the LORD ABLE to multiply this bread?. That is what the Holy Spirit Said to me: The bread will not run out of stock from these baskets before we get more fresh food”. Truly that was what happened. All ate from the bread for four more months. The same happened to the wheat grains and to the oil and all the other food staff. The devil got bored from the Saint’s miracles. He appeared to the Saint telling him “ Do you think you are Elijah or one of the Prophets, so you have the courage to do these miracles?”. The Blessed replied “Why should not I do that.Was not the Sanctified Prophets, and the Blessed Apostles humans. Did not the Forefathers of the Church deliver to us the tradition to do so. Or GOD Is Near sometimes and Far sometimes. GOD Is ABLE (OMNIPOTENT) in all generations to DO every thing. Nothing Is impossible to HIM?. If GOD Is RIGHTEOUS: Why are you the rotten so bad?”. 4- St Geroom continued to describe what he saw by his own eyes “The five hundred Brethren ate from the baskets. After they were done, they found the baskets by the blessings of the Saint full again. 5- St Geroom continued to write: As he went there with two of the Brethren, the monks came to them welcoming them as they knew them from far away due to the descriptions that the Blessed told them about the trip of these three men. They joyfully welcomed them with praises and songs as the habit of the monks. As they kneeled down to the ground, they got up & greeted them peacefully. They told each other “Look, here came the Brethren that the Abba ( Saint ) told us about since three days”. The Saint came to greet the guests kneeling down to the ground. He got up and kissed them a brotherly kiss while praying. He himself washed their feet and forced them to eat. This was his habit to all who visited him. May the Blessing of the Prayers of Saint Appollo Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: The Saints Appollo and Amoun
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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