Aboo El Yomen Youssef

His full name is :Aboo El Yomen (Having too many assets) Youssef (Joseph) Ebn Mekrawa Ebn Zaboor. He lived during the Eleventh Century. He was famous by a name related to his job :Amin El Omanaa ( An Arabic name that means: the top honest one in taking care of the government treasury department ). He was asigned to the job of the keper of the treasury department of the Khalifa (The governer). As the Khalifa was confident in his honesty, he delivered to him the responsibility of keeping the treasury of (El Wagh El Bahari) all the counties of the delta region. He practicallyexpressed his thanks to Our LORD and to all his brethern by building a great Monastery in Tamwa (a village in Giza Governate), named after the Great Martyr St Marcarius (Aboo Sefein, a name of the Saint that means having 2 swords, one of them wasgiven to him by Our LORD JESUS CHRIST and handled by Archangel Michael ). He skilfully planted the gardens arround this Monastery that became quite attractive. One of the key ministers of the Khalifa (named Baadr El Gamaali) enjoyed walking around these amazing gardens. Father Menasi Youhanna (John). The History of the Coptic Church 1983 AD: Page 398.

Arabic biography source of: Aboo El Yomen Youssef
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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