Aboo El Maleeh

Aboo el Maleeh (Literally means the nice looking. He was famous by the name of El Mamaati. He lived during the Eleventh Century in the time of the ruling of El Khalifa (The governor) El Moontaseer (The conqueror) and the ministry of Badr El Gamali the armies leader. He was a wealthy man and generous in giving donations. A living example of applying the verse “He has dispersed aboard. He has given the poor…AMEN” (Psalm:112:9). This was the reason for his naming (El Mamaati) ( A name that may be derived from Mom of All)., as when living became so expensive, he granted what he had to all those who were in need. So of the kids, being aware of his love for all, begged him calling (Mamaati). He was too kind to them & gave them the grains to satisfy their hunger . Reference: Father Menasi Youhanna(John). The History of the Coptic Church. 1983 AD, Page 399. Please refer also to : Martyr Aboo Nagaah El Kabeer ( The great successful man). Youhanna(John) Aboo Nagaah. Coptic Synaxarium 19 Baramoudah.

Arabic biography source of: Aboo El Maleeh
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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