Aboo Dakn

Aboo Dakn is an Arabic name which means the one having a beard. He was born in El Menoofia Couny. So he is called Aboo Dakn El Menoofi, and was one of the Senior Copts during the Seventeenth Century. He published a book about “ The Real History of the Copts in Egypt, Libya, El Nooba (At the Sudanese border) & Ethiopia. The book was translated to the Latin language in 1693(Gregorian, AD) and was printed in the Netherlands in 1740(Gregorian, AD). With comments of Easterly Author Jan Dikol. Unfortunately it is not published till dated in its original manuscript (Arabic). So the Copts have not access to the book. In this book he explained: The habits, the Spiritual and social lives of the Copts. Habits, The Tradition (TAKS) followed during the service in the Coptic Churches. A full Chapter dealt with the defense of the Orthodoxy and the differences between the Orthodox and the Catholics. He explained these differences without any criticism to the Catholic belief. During his era the Copts gained the confidence, respect of their Muslim rulers as the rulers are quite aware of the honesty, the sincere services the love that characterizes the Christian Copts. The Copts had the feeling that their children, their money and themselves are safe and they did no had a feeling of fear as they had friendly relations with their rulers. In the book he also compared between the hard lives of the Coptic Monks and the easier lives of the European Monks. He clarified, that though the Coptic youth; had less knowledge than the their European fellows; they are more humble and self satisfied. The Coptic Youth was distinguished in jewels’ making, hand CRAFTS AND HAND MADE ARTICLES. The Copts were keen to educate their children at the schools affiliated to the Churches. They insisted on visiting the Holy Land enduring the difficulties of the travel at that time & the high expenses as they had to pay double taxes on leaving and on entering the Holy Land. References: 1-Father Menaasi Youhanna: Page 472 2- Iris Habib El Masri; Volume 4:Pages 55-57

Arabic biography source of: Aboo Dakn
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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