Ebn Kebar

Ebn Kebar is an Arabic name which means the one who was born from an eldest father. His full name is : El Sheik Shams EL Reaasa Aboo El Barakat Ebn Kaber( Literally his name is: The Senior Sun of Presidency father of the blessings son of the eldest ) . He was the Clerk of El Sultan (Governor) Beebars El Deweedar. He was loyal to El Sultan and helped him in writing a book ( Zebdat El Fikr Fi Tareech El Hegraa), that means: (The intellectual efforts searching in the history of immigration). This book is still kept hand written and was not printed though this book is well known to the Europeans. After he left his civil service he was ordained a priest on the Altar of St Mary Church in Ancient Cairo known as ( EL Mealakaa0, that means ( The suspended). He Sincerely shepherded all the members of his Church Congregation and took care of their Spiritual lives. He wrote a lot of books that clearly demonstrated his scientific capabilities, his wide knowledge in the Church history & his strong background in Theology. He passed away on 15 Bashans 1040 (Coptic Calendar for the Martyrs) (1323 Gregorian; In the Year of the LORD, AD, Anno Domini, After CHRIST HOLY INCARNATION ) Of his valuable books we mention: 1- (El Mayroon), that means: The Holy Myron ( Its constituents and how to prepare). { The Holy Myron is the Sacred Oil used in the Sacrament of the Confirmation The Holy Myron. { Be sealed with the seal of Our LORD, CHRISMATION, Christens}. 2- (Kashf El Asraar Fi Elm El Osool), that means: Clearing the minds in the Basic Science. This book is also known as ( Kashf El Asraar El Kafiea Fi Asbaab Messihiah), that means: Revealing the hidden secrets of Christianity). This book includes eighteen chapters that are relevant to the ONE GOD, the Holy Trinity and the Divine Incarnation ( A copy is reserved at the Vatican Library and another copy at the National Library of Paris). 3- (El Bayaan El Akdaar Fi El Raad Ala Men Yakool El Kadaa We El Kadaar), that means: The reply to those who believe in the fate and destiny. 4- (El Katb). A book that deals with the Coptic Celebrations and feasts. 5- (El Seleem El Kabeer), that means ; The great ladder. This book is a valuable dictionary of the Coptic Language. It was printed in Rome on the year 1643 AD& was published in the Coptic, Latin and Arabic languages. It is considered one of the main reference books in the Coptic Language. Reference: Iris Habib El Masri, (Tareech El Kaneesa El Kebteyia) The History of the Coptic Church, 1971; Volume 3 : Pages 298-301. May the Blessing of his prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Ebn Kebar
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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