Aboo El Makareem

This is an Arabic name that means : A top man in generosity. His full name is : Saad Allah Ebn Girgis Ebn Masoad ( Literally his name means: the joy from GOD son of George the happy ). He lived during the Tenth Century. He is considered one of the top Copts who was also a top Coptic history writer . On the Coptic year 925 ( 925 El Shoohada-925 for the Martyrs year). He wrote a book about the history of the Coptic Monasteries and Churches. A Catholc Monk called Vanseleeb bought a volume of this book during the Seventeenth Century. After the deat of Aboo El Makareem , his book belonged to the National Library of Paris, France. On 1393 Elemleeno , a famous history writer who published a book about the “ Geography of Egypt during the Coptic Era” used Aboo El Makareem book as a reference. Betlar printed the book of Aboo El Makareem, but he incorrectly mentioned that the author is Abi Saleh El Armaani as this name was on a copy of the book. Probably he was the one who owned or copied this copy of the book. The Late father Hugumen Philothawes Ibraheem (Philothawes is a Coptic word that means : the lover of the LORD ) found a copy of the book.

Arabic biography source of: Aboo El Makareem
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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