Abtalmawes The Martyr

His name is Abtalmawes the son of Nastorius. He was born in Dandara. A village on the west bank on the other side of Keena in upper Egypt. The Martyr is a different one from the Saint having the same name (St Abtalmawes who gained the crown of Martyrdom with Saints Abba Keir and Abba Youhanna, John, on the 15th of the month of Baounah near Damanhour). His meeting with St Babnouda the Anchorite (Pilgrim): Abtalmawes accompanied by some soldiers went to a hunting trip in the mountain where he met with St Babnouda ( Befnetious) the Anchorite (Pilgrim). The Monk came near the Anchorite as he heard a voice calling from heaven asking him to do so. But the accompanying soldiers mocked the Anchorite due to his old garments. and tried to push him away. But Abtalmawes , got off his horse and did a Matania (Coptic word that means bending till the head touches the ground). In front of his soldiers. He asked St Babnouda to accompany him, and escorted him to a garden full of fruitful tries. The Anchorite seeing the richness and the false glory of the life of Abtalmawes started to cry. Here is their discussion: “Why do you cry my father?”. “ My son I do not cry for the glory and dignity of your life, but I remembered the True Glory that the LORD Prepared for us in HIS Heavenly Kingdom if we followed His Commandments ”. “My father I’ll not leave you and I’ll do all what you ask me to do, but please stay with me here” “I can not stay in this place”. “ So please take me with you to the desert” “ I fear the authority of your father, but if you want to inherit the Heavenly Kingdom, go to the city of Ansana . I’ll send you to a righteous man who fears the LORd. His name is DoroTheos (Coptic word that means the follower or the dressed with LIGHT). {Please note that LIGHT here denotes Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the True LIGHT}, as he is sincere in worshiping GOD. So it was that St Babnouda wrote to St DoroTheos a letter of recommendation for Abtalmawes. He warned Abtalmawes from our enemy (the dvil) who will subject him to a trial through a wicked woman that he ‘ll meet in his way and asked him to keep repeating the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST ( The JESUS Prayer) so that the LORD Will Deliver him from the trials. He also prophesied that while sailing , a strong wind will break the ship by the evil power of the devil. His meeting with St DoroTheos: Abtalmawes obeyed all what St Babnouda told him on the spot. He wear clothes that masked his identity. started his journey and he faced literally al the difficulties and trials that St Babnouda prophesied. Finally when he met St DoroTheos ( DorTawes), he handled the recommendation letter. He asked him to go to Ariana the governor of Ensana and declare his confession and believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. So he may get his Crown quickly instead of going through the long way of Monism . His Martyrdom: He went to Ariana the governor and declared his Christian Faith. Ariana subjected him to many sufferings. Hen he ordered his troops to sail him to the west bank to the village of Tooch El Keihl (Horses place), where now it is uninhibited North West Taaha. They hanged him on a high wooden pillar for nine days. Then a soldier stabbed him in his neck and he gained the Crown of the Martyrdom on Kiahk the 11th. It is claimed that honey exuded from the wooden pillar & any one who is sick and eat this honey he is healed. He was buried and a Church was built on his holy relics after the end of the persecution era. References: The Hugumen Bafnotius the Syriani: The Spiritual aspects of the Praises, 1975; 4: 128-130. Synaxarium; Rene Passee. Day of Kiahk the 11th . May the Blessing of their prayers Be with all of us AMEN. Translated by a servant of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Arabic biography source of: Abtalmawes The Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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