Son of El Makeen

He is one of the distinguished thinkers of the thirteenth century (He passed away in 1273 in Damascus).. His name is Guirguis the son of El Ameed (George the son of the dean). His brother Al Asaad Ibrahim served as the armyís clerk in the time of the king El Adeel. We do not know much about his biography. But we know that he did not love the world, its material lusts or glory. He left all that and dedicated all his time for praying to the LORD. He lived ascetic life at St Yoanes monastery in Toora south of Cairo. He studied hardly and did researches in the Coptic, Greek languages as well as the astronomy, history and logicís . He became one of the references in these all subjects. He published many books. Of these we mention: 1. In civil history : el Magmoo El mobareek (The blessed sum) in 2 volumes. This book was translated to many languages since the seventeenth century. 2. In the Christian Faith: El Hawee (The Magician) which explains many difficult to understand verses of the Holy Bible. 3. The essentials of hard laboring , where he thanked all who wrestle in the Way of the Spiritual life. 4. He completed the book of history that was wrote by El Tabree Reference: Eeris El Masri, The Story of the Coptic Church. 1971; 3rd book, PP 251-2. May the Blessing of his prayers be with all of us AMEN. Translated by a servant of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Arabic biography source of: Son of El Makeen
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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