Aboo Zekree

This is an Arabic name which means the one who has good reputation. During the Eleventh Century there were many men having the same name: 1-The Sheik (Senior) EL Raees (Boss) the obedient to the Khalifa (Empror) Aboo Zekree who was the head of the investigation department, then the head of the auditory department that supervises all the other governmental departments as well as the treasury at the time of the ruling of El Khalifa El Hafeez. He reached a high rank post in his time. 2-The Sheik Aboo Zekree Ebn (son) Aboo Naasr (son of the victorius) he was responsible for the Ashmonien county at the time of the ruling of El Khalifa El Hafeez. He renewed EL Mehaark Monastery ( An old Monastery named after St Mary as Our Mother lived in that place for more than six months . It lies in upper Egypt near Assuit. The Alter at this was Blessed by the hands of the LORD HIMSELF) When he was transferred to El Fayoum he renewed the Church of St Marcarius (Vilopater, Aboo Seifen) there . 3- El Rashid Aboo Zekree who served as the priest (father,Abouna) of the Churches of St Mary and St George the prince of the Martyrs ( Mar Guirguis) in the lane of El Room (the Romans). Reference: Iris El Masri . The story of the Coptic Church, 1981;Part 3: Page 145

Arabic biography source of: Aboo Zekree
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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