Aboo El Karaam

Aboo El Karaam is an Arabic name which means the generous. His full name is Boutros Aboo Shaker Ebn El Raheeb (Peter the thankful the son of the monk). He lived during the Thirteenth Century. He was a Deacon at St Mary Church in Ancient Cairo that is famous by the name El Mealaka ( The Suspended). When the 76th Pope Yoaness ( Coptic name derived from John) the Sixth passed away, he nominated himself for the post. Unfortunately he used illegal ways as offering masked bribes by dedicating a sum of money to the treasury. When he did not pass the election, he started to write: 1-El Shefaa ( the remedy) to reveal the secrets of the Divinity of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. 2-An Introduction to the Holy Trinity and the ONE ONLY GOD. 3- The Abkatee calculation of the yearly timing of the Eastern Easter including an Arabic and Coptic introduction. 4-Books in history ( Background in History, The History of the son of the Monk, The seven Christian Councils ) Reference: Kamel Saleh Nakla; The history of the Popes; First Episode, 1951: Page 122.

Arabic biography source of: Aboo El Karaam
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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