Abou Fana

St. Abou fana or Abnofus lived in Theaudosios El-Kebeer , the emperor times . he practiced the loneliness life at western desert , west Abu Syra Village at Ashmoun district . He lived at cave and closed his door to isolate oneself although he practiced a hard reclusiveness life , he used to work a handmade to give the poor people . He taught his brothers and God gave him to make miracles ……..his loneliness combined with living God and people . His student Afraam wrote about his life and said , His Monkery : their parent was Christians , he brought him up fearing God so he loved the loneliness and the contemplation , he was kind and loved the needy . He became a monk when he was young . he trained to work with his reclusiveness life to give the poor …….. because of he loved the loneliness he stayed at dark cell. God gave him a race to drink …. He trained to fast and eat one time in the summer and two times in the winter . he was so cared about the praying all the days and made 300 genuflection at the daytime and another 300 genuflection at night…….till his skin stuck with his bones and he looked like a burned wood …….although he loved the loneliness he never closed his cell door so his cell became spiritual radiance center . The old monks came to him to take his advices too and became after his meeting longing to Jesus . His foretelling the king death : Afraam , saw him sad and when he asked him about the reason he answered him that Theaudosios the emperor dead and the regime got loosing His Miracles : 1- one priest came to him illness at his head during that he got irritation and his head bones appeared but saint refused to meet him but after Afraam begged him more and more he explained to him that the priest took the vow and spend it by himself and profane the church so he couldn’t seek the cure for him , But he told Afraam to tell that priest that if he wanted the cure he has to gave up the priesthood all his life and gave up these bad habits after that he prayed for him and he got well with good contrition . 2- man came to him with his son to take his benison , but his son fell down from the mountain and dead , this man took his son to him and asked him to pray for him without telling him that he was dead , the saint sign of cross over him and said “standing up and go to your father and hold his hand “ So the son stood up and his father became so happy and knelt to thank God who makes the wonders . 3- the saint knew his death time , so he asked the priest who used to pray the liturgy to come and pray this day because he wanted to eat the holly bread ……although his feet got swelled he attended the liturgy standing , after that he blessed his brothers and asked them to pray for him and he departure on 25th Amsher . His monastery : he has a monastery at El –Ashmon district At Delga in Bn-Khalid village away from 20KM from south Hoor palace.

Arabic biography source of: Abou Fana
Translated by: Sally (Godservant)
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