Abo El Tayeeb (A name that means the father of the kind) lived in the Eleventh Century. He was the trusted clerk of Naser El Dawla (A name that means the supporter of the Country), who was the leader of the Turkish soldiers during the rule of the Khalifa El Montaseer ( A name that means the conqueror). There was a mutiny (Rebellion) of the Turkish soldiers against the Khalifa ( A Post that is equivalent to the Emperor). They attacked the Monasteries & stole all the valuable staff. They took Pope Christotholos as a hostage and asked for a ransom to release him. Abo El Tayeeb rushed and released the Pope from their hands. (Please refer to the biography of Abo El Elaa Fahd Ebn Ibraheem,(Fahd) written in the Synaxarium on the day of 19 Baramoudah)

Arabic biography source of: ABO El TAYEEB
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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