Basilides the Martyr

Is one of the army officers, was tasked by the governor that market Akila St. Botamena, the most famous martyrs in the age of Septimus Severus, to death. Already escorted to the scene, on the road as it tried to humiliate pagans obscenities banished by her defenders, showing the like a lot of tenderness and kindness. Taking the view of the paper so, advised him to muster the courage, because it Sttosl to the Lord for it after its departure, and that he will get a quick penalty compassion shown toward her. It requested the governor Botamena beautiful stripped of her clothes when you throw it in the boiling tar, Basilides pretended he did not understand it and make haste to get off without her clothes on, and calculated the great generosity of this part, to her intense love of purity, and to preserve the modesty to the masses. Shortly after her martyrdom Basilides asked colleagues to swear for some reason, he cried out that he may not take an oath never to be Christian, and admitted it publicly, but Hspoh joking, as was the custom of the pagans to imitate the Christians in their actions and words as a kind of ironic. But his tone did not allow doubt long and his colleagues felt faith, they told the governor Akila, who was called and asked him about his command, and verify that it has become a Christian stripped of his rank and made in prison. Having asked the brothers, including the mystery of Origen rapid change, he replied that St. Botamena appeared to him three consecutive nights confirm that the requested Ostjept him, were sealed his crown of martyrdom Bnwalh beheaded the following day. Eusebius: Eccl. Hist 6: 5: 1 -6

Arabic biography source of: Basilides the Martyr
Translated by: Christen Wadid
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