Basilides 1

Alexandria is known for theological Gnossia in the first half of the second century, the days of Hadrian, called Basilides. Written explanation of the Bible in 24 books, also wrote an article called "Gospel", with several songs, but no remains of his writings, passages on the response by some parents, such as saints Irenyws, Alexandrian Oclemends and Hiplits and, therefore, difficult to develop a complete method for his theological thought. Gnostic tendencies appear in the following points: 1. The Gnostics had put the mind rather than of faith, two computers that man alone is capable of thought, without ads and believing that God finds, declares Basilides in his writings that faith is not the case in which undermine freedom of thought. This was his philosophy in his mind is more important than faith. 2. Addressed the problem of pain and the presence of evil in a rational way, and he called that he would not injuring one pain unless they have committed evil. As for the martyrs and that they were righteous, but what they bear is the result of past sins committed. When we talk about the pain of Jesus Christ came into conflict too, but for his passion for philosophy, said that Jesus suffered for it must have been a mistake, although he declared that the heavenly light had got out and set up to gather the elect and lift them to high heavens. 3. For the God of the Old Testament, the God of the Jews as a referee righteous who run parts of the world. J. Lebreton: The History of Primitive Church, 1946, p. 506-7.

Arabic biography source of: Basilides 1
Translated by: Christen Wadid
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