Basilaws the Bishop

St. characterized Basilaws or Basil or Holy Bstlaus his jealousy towards the certificate of the Gospel of Christ in the lives of strengthening and pious, so toxic hormone Saint, Patriarch of Jerusalem in 298 AD as bishop without specifying a particular diocese, and Sam with him also engaged in other work Alkrazi in the country is not the believers. Become a father is touring the country and villages right up to the Lakers entered the city as Crsonp Levant and the security of some cherry Christ wroth non-believers, and rebelled against him and drove him out. The delivery is in full of the city go out to the mountain, and was working on worship Tardi praying for God to open the way of salvation to them. By allowing the son of God and to the city and was single, and judge him deeply saddened. Happened in the night buried the governor that he saw his son in a vision of the night standing in front of him over the self, says to him: "Call the St. Basilaws, and ask him to pray to Jesus for me, I am in great darkness." Governor warns of sleep, and took great city, and go to the cave of the saint, and asked him to come with him to pray for his son, he answered his question, and with him went where the tomb, and there pray to God warmly, so the child is alive, the power of God. Secure the governor and more people of the city, and received the secret of enlightenment (baptism) at the hands of the saint. The Jews saw the success of the preaching of Bishop Hsdoh and met very few people unlocked from the people of the city, and Othboa him, beat him and became even safer in the hands of the Spirit of God. Church celebrates his martyrdom in 11 remote from the month of Baramhat.

Arabic biography source of: Basilaws the Bishop
Translated by: Christen Wadid
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