Baladios Bishop The Saint

The Prosper Prosper of Aquitine that Agricola Agricola ruined church of Britain published heresy Albelajah (relative to Pelagius the monk British cherry in Rome in the period between 400 and 410 m, and the club that Adam's sin is not inherited, and the children are born innocent, without sin seriously, and so they baptized not for the forgiveness of sin, but to enjoy membership in Christ and the kingdom of heaven, and that man is capable of salvation Abjahadeh self without the need for the grace of God, and there is no need for the grace to enjoy Bastnarh thought, was interested in many of the parents especially of St. Augustine for a reply to confirm the role of divine grace, without ignoring the freedom of human will ). Send Bishop of St. Jermanius Auxerre to Britain (in 429), by the Bishop of Rome (Pope) Klstan the first to stop this movement Albelajah at the request of the deacon Baladios. In 431 of this deacon by Sim (the Pope of Rome) as the first bishop to Ireland. Faced a lot of trouble and opposition, but as many of the cherry and built three churches became popular to some extent. Before the end of the year felt that his service in Rome, he left Ireland, more fruit, and go to Rome, but the disease in the road and lay in the Fordun. Some believe he died in Ireland.

Arabic biography source of: Baladios Bishop The Saint
Translated by: Marian Adel
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