Pavnotios the hermit the saint

A bright star Berah Chencheif, delivered the presidency to Chencheif pastor, who was a senior masterminds of the monastic life in the fourth century (some believe that it is a particular pupil of St. Macarius of Alexandria). Known as the "Hermit Pfnotios" or "Hehetti", also called Kayvalas Cephalas scholars have differed in the interpretation of this title, some see it means "the father of the brain," and some believe it came from distorted "Smpelas" any "simple". But He was nicknamed himself Bopales "buffalo" because of the enormity of his body, a sort of contempt of itself.Monastic life was born between the years 301 and 311 AD, Saint Anba Antonius followed and a student of his hands, and then himself in the lives of autism, and finally went to the wilderness Chencheif to settle there, at the hands of Mttelmma Macarius the Great, under the auspices of St. Aasivors Chencheif priest. Do not know when ordained a priest, but behind the pastor of St. Aasivors Chencheif in about 373 AD, where the latter withdrew with St. Macarius Albyamun to the south towards the founding of the monastery of Abu headquarters, and St. Aasdhurs hesitate for a period of 12 years until he departed. Became the father of St. Pavnotios Alosagat after Departure of St. Macarius the Great in about 390 AD and his cell was located about five miles from the church. When he visited St. John Cassian Chencheif the year 399 AD was an old man in St. Pavnotios ninety years old, has written him more than once. Known for wisdom and sobriety, when a rift occurred between the monks Ntrella rationalists (who followed Origen in the pattern of his thinking), and between the Pope Theophilus, (23) on the "form of God", as the monks tried to portray in a concrete able to gain wisdom all-in-love. For the integrity of his faith denied Valens Aleriossi Caesarean section in the new and returning at St. Melania and his grandmother during her visit to Ntrella, and had the honor to talk to him (see some of the students she met Saint Pavnotios Alexandria that was someone else). His love for the salvation of the soul was a brother in the monastery of Anba Antonius Besbar Pispir accused of sin as He went to St. Anba Antonius, and shortly after suffered some of the brothers to complain about it, and began to direct accusations against him, but he was defending himself. St. Pavnotios intervention of the brothers, saying: "I saw a man fell in the water He immersed in the mud up to his knees, people who came to help him and what was Ancloh them until they Ogrkoh his neck." When he heard that the great Abba Antony said of St. Pavnotios: "Look at this man that he really can win souls and save it" (It is said that this story is especially Saint Pavnotios disciple of St. Macarius of Alexandria). It was also said that St. Pavnotios not drink wine ever, but the momentum over to a gang of thieves and had been drinking, and that the boss knows that it is a hermit who does not drink wine, is filling a glass to him, and took out his hand a sword and threatened him, saying: "Unless you drink I'll kill you." The saint only because he denies the self to his will, a computer that does the President of the gang who killed himself perish, He preferred to drink the cup for the salvation of man, confident that God's grace must operate. Chairman of the gang so he grows smaller in the eyes of himself in front of this man and obedience Odaath, and did not know what to do but to apologize, saying: "Forgive me Father, for I have Ahzntek." Saint replied: "I am sure that God will forgive you your sins for this cup." Then in the head of the gang repentance: "I am also confident of the grace of God I will not be sad man now what?", And was told that the whole congregation repented on his hands. Was with the Father in Pavnotios Alasagat brother Harepetth thoughts of adultery, he said: "If I got married ten women do not sate my lust."Vetosl the father, telling him: "No, my son, this talk is because of the war of demons," not convinced a brother, and went down to Egypt and married. After a time he met the brother and was carrying a basket of Sadfa, did not know, but the brother said to him: "I am your student so and so my Daddy." Cried when he saw him, and said to him: "How do you leave that honor and I came to the humiliation? After all, it is also accompanied by ten women said to me?" He sighed the brother said: "Of course, has been married once, but I often miserable because of it, I do not know how Ohbaha bread." The father said to him: "Do not come back to us again?" Brother replied: "Do you repent of Daddy?" Said to him: "Yes", and if left everything and followed him and became the Alasagat beginner in monasticism. His experience in his first monastic Chino tells us in his book "Saints Egypt," the story of St. Pfnote pastor as if belonging to someone other than the St. Pavnotes disciple of St. Macarius the Great, is that this story seems to be especially at the beginning of monastic life, he grew in virtue of St. have a great one which raised the monks as he was reputed to envy, and in a few days the infiltration of the monk of the church during the Divine Liturgy and hid the book under the mat Pfnote young monk. After the Divine Liturgy for the abbot complained that the book was stolen in the monastery, and insisted that the abbot is looking for how to be the president suffered a theft at the monastery. Finally it was decided to send three monks to kellia looking for a stolen book. Indeed, after the monks have returned the book advertisers for its presence under the mat monk Pfnote. He has not objected, but in humility before the law of repentance, without showing any exclamation mark or defend himself. Resulted in the father Pfnote among the monks and doubled Osoamh for two weeks in quiet amazing, and the monk, who masterminded a plot Fbaghth spirit of evil and the cause of annoyance to the monastery, could not even St. Aasivors to get it out, but he was screaming: "Pfnote, Pfnote, I want Pfnote." Came in humility of St. Pfnote pariah of the whole, admitted a student monk to forgive them ravenously. Of his words and teachings of the grief you have been the best of joy, fatigue better than the rest, better than the humiliation of dignity, and not take you more than Ataakm. Once the Pope Theophilus, (23) to Alasagat, meeting the brothers, and said to Abba Pavnotios: "Tell the Pope's word in order to benefit." Sheikh said to them: "The Bscotti not benefit, even Pkmutai not benefit," the Patriarch heard this and benefited too. Father Pavnotios: "When I walked in the way misled because of fog, and I found myself in front of a village. And there I saw some people talking, I stood praying for my sins, and he came angel carrying a sword, and said to me:" Oh Pavnotios, that those who condemn their brethren die up to thissword. But you, do not condemn the fact that you broke one, but Taatda before God as if you are the one who commits a sin, your name has been written in the book of the living ".

Arabic biography source of: Pavnotios the hermit the saint
Translated by: Marina Adel
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