Acacius the virtuous

He was from the brethren of the sixth century. We do not know about him except what was stated in the book " The stairs of heaven and the degrees of virtues " written by St. John Climacus. St. John Saba reported in this book that there was an elder brother in a monastery in Asia Minor whom he knew personally. This man was characterized to fall in anger rapidly. He was rude in manners. A gentle young man named Acacius (Acace) served him. Acacius was a devout Christian, loving service and was patient in enduring pain. The elder used to insult, offend him and even beat him. The brethren beard the elder patiently. He even kissed his hands and asked him for forgiveness. St John Saba frequently met brethren Acacius. He comforted, encouraged him to keep on enduring. Acacius stayed that way until he departed after serving the rude elder for nine years. Five days after his departure, the elder went to a monk, mostly probably St John Saba, and said to him: "O father Acacius has died” The brethren brother monk replied:" In fact, elder brethren I can not believe that " He said to him: "Come and See". He got up quickly until he reached the grave. There he stood before the grave of the brother monk as if he was alive, saying: "O our brethren Acace, are you dead?” They heard a voice: "Father, how can a man die while he was always keeping obedience?" The rude elder brethren collapsed, and started to cry bitterly. He decided to live in a cell next to the grave and never left his disciple. Whenever he asked about his status he replied: "Forgive me, my brother, for Christ's sake, for I killed the brother Acacius by my rude behavior." The Greek Celebrates commemorates the Memorial Day for Acacius on the twenty-ninth of November. Reference: St. John Climacus. The stairs of heaven and the degrees of virtues, step 4. May the blessings of his prayers be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Acacius the virtuous
Translated by: Deacon Mina (servant of the LORD)
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